The new site four points will be able to quickly improve the weight

(two) new sites must be personalized and creative.


of each site in the construction stage, mainly divided into the website design and website program selection. For each web site design in terms of words, the choice of the template necessary, unique personality, can not let users see at a glance feeling is rubbish station, then our website and how high PV value? As we all know, after all, in today’s Internet many sites are a lot of close the model for us to choose, however these templates are mostly the same, so we must choose the template to highlight the personality, the content of the novel, the only way to allow users to have a good impression on our website! Another is our website must choose a good program, so that can make us better to maintain the site, usually for the author recommended dedecms, it is easy to use, the function is strong. read more

Through the analysis of website data more effective to do Shanghai Dragon

(1) analysis of general data: general is the so-called basic data analysis as long as do believe that Shanghai will understand the dragon, for example, included quantity, the number of the chain, site traffic and so on, these surface data on our rankings are directly linked, through the analysis of the number of the number and included the chain and we can improve our website content and the release of the chain strategy, make work more efficient.

too blind.

(2) analysis of the details of the data: the details of data analysis including single page flow, the click rate, page access speed, page retention time etc.. The details of data analysis is the key distinction between novice and veteran Shanghai dragon, for example, for the analysis of web page clicks can be seen, the attractiveness of users and the residence time, the longer that the viscosity better, so we need to add to these user clicks, stay a long time in more related articles, as much as possible around their titles to the original content in this area, although it may not bring short-term direct impact on our website ranking, but these potential data often can make you more accurate analysis to the website of the change of their work and the place needs to be improved. The click rate is high, the page out rate is low, generally indicates that the user love like this, so that we can go to edit this article, attract more users. read more

Fujian makeup training feeling and ideas for the operation of Shanghai Longfeng six months

and I share with you today is the content – create about Fujian makeup training website content:

why am I today to finish this job?

everyone in the learning process of the Shanghai dragon, teachers have been emphasizing the importance of long tail keywords, but you have not thought about you: " site of the industry, there are so many long tail keywords? "

August 2015 in Fujian 贵族宝贝baolaiyuan贵族宝贝/ registration make-up training until now has been almost half a year, although the time of lectures every night to listen to, but I may be qualification limited, half a year has not been together, now the Spring Festival, I think if we don’t finish the homework next year, so this time to write this the first half of the year to experience or perception. read more

Focus on the development of website how to obtain high flow low weight website

On that day, the station ah! analysis

2, the lack of reserve forces, now.

site weight is high, the flow will be greater, this is the everlasting truth, so all the way to the station in the construction site search engine gave up website weight. Website weight is more than a day, is the most proud of, but seems to ignore a problem, do low weight website is really unable to obtain high flow? Today will binary combined with practical experiences of their own to do some personal analysis, if not also hope to explore the week. read more

Now the chain channels are there Shanghai dragon staff how to do the chain

1. to analyze from the web site; this is the same truth, you want to analyze peer web site every day, regardless of his website ranking drop or rise, find the reason of their website ranking drop, analysis of why people ranked will rise, and then do their own testing. By testing whether you will understand that the way people optimization is feasible. "

5.: the identification technology for spider spider, it can read an article is smooth, does the site contain keywords, whether you can also read the user’s value, if your site in the user experience do not depend on the value chain do ranking is difficult to stabilize. read more

Love Shanghai Shanghai website optimization algorithm upgrade green dragon hit again

news and information platform is the key of the third green 2. The information platform will be all the sites used as the focus of the promotion of some information platform a day to send thousands of content, do not know can not pass, but the news more popular, almost all the major enterprises standing outside the chain of high quality. However, Scindapsus algorithm 2 tell these enterprises, do not blindly do outside the chain, the chain of garbage too much will eventually be deleted, and serious will be search engine punishment to the injured all over the body, why read more

The relationship between love and Shanghai index your site

3. video, the video is very large, and now people are lazy, what would listen to others to explain, according to statistics, there is a demand directly search video internet users has reached 40%, so be sure to use good! Add on your own web site keywords in the video, but do not affect the user’s viewing.

2. in text form, write a lot of soft to the platform, let everyone know this word, and remember that time will be useful to search the word by falling in love with the sea.

1. in the form of pictures, which requires professional designers, the keywords highlighted read more

Wang Wei Shanghai dragon love Shanghai area search


this is a search engine upgrade, it search results more in line with the needs of users. At the same time, also means that Shanghai dragon road gets narrower, because the website caters to users is to love Shanghai, ranking natural will go up.

of course, the search engine is still the program, it will never be perfect, but I want to say is: Shanghai dragon must upgrade to Shanghai dragon 2.

2. to determine the site location: love Shanghai is according to the website content, rather than on the website IP to determine the content of the web site. For example: the IP address in the United States, Beijing, the station website tag, anchor text also appeared several times in Beijing, then Shanghai will put it into love to determine Beijing’s website, rather than the United states. read more

The love of Shanghai’s products chain belongs to high weight is wrong

first page is based on the quality of the page itself, rather than on the level of the total weight, that is the weight of the page itself with the main site may not have what too big relations. Of course I do not deny the authority of a site under the page will be higher than the weight of a new page, because one side of a page "origin" is also the weight of influence, but it is only one aspect. What is the quality of the page itself. That is you this page of the audience is not many, the content is not rich enough, the top of the people is not many people to comment is not a lot of people, sharing is not much, the chain of this page is not comprehensive and so many factors to judge you this page is the page of the weight is high. read more

With the technical means to realize the demand of Shanghai Dragon technology to learn the benefits o

and perhaps controversial issue is that technical requirements should be the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon to do their own, or let the technicians do? In my opinion, the complex requirements for technical staff to do, because if Shanghai dragon to achieve those things often because of the limited capacity and the efficiency is very low and simple; Shanghai Longfeng demand best by yourself, if every day needs to communicate with piles of assist, the Shanghai dragon and technical personnel will be more unnecessary energy consumption, leading to more people will choose to demand because of technology concessions, continue to use the method of pure human flesh do Shanghai dragon. read more