Single strong eight issues must be considered before the enterprise network marketing

as everyone knows, network marketing has become an important part of enterprise marketing, most enterprises have realized in today’s information age, want talent shows itself from many competitors, should pay enough attention to the network marketing, but an enterprise in the decision is what preparations should be conducted before the network marketing? Specifically we enumerate the following ten problems must be considered.

1, enterprise products or services where potential customers in read more

Online shopping slowdown accelerate the integration of electricity providers

After the

Express News reporter Chen Qinglin reported following settled Tmall mall, electric business have strong cooperation. Yesterday, announced, including Eslite, Lasafo and excellent purchase three vertical electricity supplier at the end of October the collective settled, to achieve some of the goods sales. Insiders believe that the electricity supplier competition will open up the trend of competition from the integration. With these well-known electricity providers have hand, electricity supplier has been the arrival of the era of big integration. read more

Excellent network platform to protect the domestic electricity supplier industry pioneer

in recent years, with the gradual establishment of a global business open pattern, the most open energy Internet road network, will lead China commercial open pattern in the next ten years. So, whether the electricity supplier or shop sellers, how to dominate in the surging tide of electronic commerce, become the leader of the


now, the new pattern of the new era, the dark horse electric business, Chinese No.1 network interactive platform, superior network security as we are given the answer. read more

The Spring Festival is not closing more than 9 rookie logistics alliance to order on the next day

Abstract: not closing period, Consumers Union rookie for dozens of the city continued to provide high-quality logistics services, of which Shanghai is the most number of the Spring Festival to send and receive parcels.

with the Spring Festival holiday near the end, rookie alliance to build the "Spring Festival closing" logistics service is synchronous ending. Not closing period, Consumers Union rookie for dozens of the city continued to provide high-quality logistics services, of which Shanghai is the most number of the Spring Festival to send and receive parcels. read more

mport electricity supplier lift logistics price war Tmall international advantage no longer


] the state power network following last month, Tmall will charge the international operation of intermediate links "global flash sales business logistics services reduced to 8 yuan for the ultra low price, this week, cross-border electricity providers integrated service platform" overseas "and announced that the bonded import direct mail business will significantly cut the intermediate link operation the minimum fee to 7.5 yuan.

According to

billion state power network understanding, bonded import business overseas "for overseas delivery, overseas warehousing, cross-border air / sea, stocking customs clearance, bonded warehousing, sorting and packing, customs clearance, delivery and other imported domestic cross-border electricity supplier logistics service. The announcement shows that the cut price relates to customs clearance, sorting and other intermediate links, according to the different number of packages, the implementation of the price ladder, businesses monthly delivery more than ten thousand votes, charge 8 yuan per ticket, the minimum can be as low as 7.5 yuan. read more

Vintage VANCL gross margin will increase 10-15% this year



technology news May 8th afternoon, VANCL aged CEO said when communicating with the media, where the gross margin will increase by 10-15% this year, he also revealed that the first half of this year where the gross margin has reached 40% stage. Where is the aged said, product architecture, hierarchical management, strengthen the optimization of resources supply chain management to achieve profitability targets.

it is understood that the customer will now all products are divided into three layers, one layer is the best-selling classic, based on user growth and last year’s data out; there is a new record, there are some changes in experimental, this should be a volume control, such as jeans; third is a breakthrough, breakthrough MOQ on the line, such as cosmetics. read more

B2B industry website development trend forecast for the next 5 years

wrote in the article: in 2008 July, I wrote an article: "the next 5 years the development trend of B2B industry portal 10 forecast", the article got thousands of reprint, over time more than a year, today’s view still has a certain reference value for the analysis. According to the new trend of development, this article added part of the line, and is divided into segments and industries to introduce two kinds of.

B2B industry website currently has developed into an industry can not be ignored, although most of the enterprise itself is not large, can only be regarded as small and medium-sized enterprises, but because of the company involved, a wide range of industries, practitioners more, it is a worthwhile investment industry, in 2009 just before, when it comes to 2010 the development trend, and we explore the B2B industry website in the next 5 years. Although that is the trend of development, many service mode is also many B2B industry websites are doing, and do well, this is just the reproduction and selection of some of the future will focus on the development of the service to analysis and forecast. B2B industry website can be divided into B2B major industry website and B2B subdivision industry website, and their development direction can be divided into online and offline, and now to be discussed: read more

E-commerce success 1+N model

called its own online store is easy to understand, is to establish their own e-commerce sites, e-commerce business independently.

in a number of years ago, because the payment system is not perfect, the lack of integrity of the building network, consumer habits cure, although there are many companies engaged in e-commerce construction and solutions on the market, but the construction of e-commerce enterprises to provide information more stay online and offline sales model, it is difficult to implement. But in recent years, rapid development of the electricity supplier industry has solved many difficulties in the construction of e-commerce enterprise, to carry out the construction of e-commerce enterprises, twists and turns, has been presented in front of us. read more

A food and beverage company O2O survival model

look at China’s O2O industry, industry events in 2013, one after another, so that the electricity business is bustling. Is a sudden change in the situation China O2O market, each signal point not far in the future. When 2013 in autumn, O2O’s story is just beginning, the industry too much interpretation of capital events, formed the O2O market surge high and sweep forward shock wave.

2013, the O2O business is an extraordinary year, extraordinary is that experienced a concussion and adjustment of the previous two years, in the wake of thousands of war, falling profits and other unfavorable factors, 2013 is the year of harvest dense willow trees and bright flowers. read more

Alibaba small foreign trade platform has been hacked Report

April 19th, Alibaba confirmed that the small foreign trade platform aliexpress on the day before was hacked, the door does not disclose customer information and theft. Alibaba said it had reported to the regulatory authorities, will cooperate with the relevant departments to investigate the matter.

According to

, aliexpress ( is a Alibaba to enter the United States, a small online trading service global small inter enterprise platform, currently in trial operation stage. (end) read more