Google right sponsor advertising Adwords scam

Google on the right side of the ad is really a very simple thing, but a lot of Internet companies do not understand the rules of the Google advertising customers to deceive customers, it is easy to be fooled, usually agents say

account fees or service charges: some $100, some $200, according to some charge 100 yuan per 500 yuan, the feeling is come out of thin air, (this cost? Ggyy said there is a $5 account to be verified)
2. exchange rate in fact, how many people do not know the exchange rate of
3. per click minimum of 0.5 yuan? It’s actually 5 cents.
4, monthly, annual system: the most deceptive is this one, how customers cheated? Google only click billing, from this view. What is: customer to expose a proxy package 1500 yuan, a month. The agent was happy and made a fortune! Only need to submit a Google no more than 150 yuan, in the display of a variety of control standards, such as selection of $1 a day. OK, the ad has been posted. Google will be strict control of its daily maximum of $1. In this way, the customer’s advertising is not displayed on the goolge every day, but intermittent display, daily control of $1. 150 yuan was finished, a month may have been nearly 20 days. Usually by this time, the customer at every day, less attention has been paid to the customer, if asked, then add some money to then give customers 1500 yuan agents, agents may be the actual earn 1350 yuan.
5. Why not, perhaps when the customer is chasing, agents may say: inform the reason is: your ad is suspended, wait a moment, and then submit it up. (this is the middle of the show may have stopped for several days, the customer found a general inquiry will find agents). The fact is: Google for the key word when the click rate is less than the keyword display 5%, will be automatically suspended.
6. Guaranteed rankings: click on your site more than a few times, consume some, do not go up
7. For a very high price, and then if you feel expensive, as prices continue to decline,
8, to a so-called click not money (sounds very attractive) and then offer turnkey so-called impression advertising quotation: in fact this is a Google data report only.
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