After 90 pit father entrepreneurial road venture 6 months to investors money laundering 20 million

90 pit father entrepreneurial road: Entrepreneurship 6 months to investors money laundering

20 million

in 2014 the business boom, I do not know how many people died in this way, until now, the government is a public entrepreneurship, innovation, I do not know how many people go on the business of no return.

actually write this article, I want to talk about my father pit road.

that year, I refused my father to describe the blueprint for me, decided to go out of business, the pursuit of my mobile internet. My family of origin, for the mobile Internet, I know a lot, but little understanding. In order to be able to quickly understand the Internet, online travel activities, see all kinds of success stories, thinking about all sorts of tricks of various loopholes.

after several months of study and participate in various activities on the Internet, I found two of my partner, we have three people on the rooftop unlimited imagination of a better future, discussing the future, refer to each other CEO, chairman, general manager, all bragging, drank dead drunk.

in the first month, what to do and look for financing

first we have to consider supper class project, is mainly to solve that night people eat supper. Later found that the cost is too large, we can not afford to worry about the current funds in the hands of financing. So I went to the direction of fruit. Ma was also a fruit project, called Amoy little by Taobao and Alipay, most of the traffic is guided by Taobao in the past. So we’re going to go in this direction. After our research, Shanghai has a basic Street 2-3 fruit store, and the real profit is only a few good location. So we go in this direction to determine the fresh electricity supplier. We have developed BP, with our BP to find a variety of investors, a variety of investment institutions to send BP. Later, there is an investor took a fancy to our BP, to negotiate with us. Before meeting with investors, I went online to buy 500 copies of the fruit market research papers, investors will see after meeting. He gave us the condition is: within three months, cooperative shops must be in more than 1000, daily turnover in the 100 single, reached 50 thousand registered users registered in one month after operation, we accept this condition.

second months, the establishment of the company

although my father is very opposed to my business, but let me try. By my father’s reputation, looking for the black market, a registered company, located in the urban area, thousands of dollars to get. And looking for office space. Followed by the organizational structure, recruit. The three of us, one in charge of the market, one responsible for the operation, I am responsible for the overall operation of the strategy and some companies. Because the money is me, so that I’ll find financial my dad, my dad will help me to find a friend to help us bookkeeping, tax evasion. So we have to recruit a HR and assistant, mainly to recruit to push the team and a data statistics.

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