Typical VC and angel investment strategy inventory in 2014


this paper for the inventory of a typical VC, angel investment institutions investment strategy. Starting from the 10 most active VC, angel, tell you what these funds look at, of course, the first echelon of the specific analysis.

2014, the domestic Internet investment pattern is quietly changing, the so-called VC 2 era is coming, whether the concept is appropriate, some changes in investment circles is hitherto unknown, such as the traditional VC mechanism to migrate to the early stage of the congregation to raise equity, investment began to root the Internet, big V who turned into a number of well-known investors. Institutional investors own, as well as 80, 90 new investors began to enter the stage.

combined with IT orange investment databases, we consider the VC mechanism, angel investment institutions ranked TOP10 in 2014 the number of investment institutions to find out, they focus on the analysis of investment strategies in 2014, because behind several investment institutions investment amount, so the final choice of the 11 major VC, 12 angels, there are 11 established in 2014 new investment institutions, take a look at.

first, the main active VC institutions in 2014 investment strategy analysis


IT from orange 2014 investment in the database, the VC mechanism arranged according to how much investment amount down, select the 10 row in TOP position (Tenth bit number two, VC investment) we get the sample of 11 investment institutions, these institutions including IDG, red cedar, China, capital Chinese Jingwei innovation works, deep venture, Fed policy source, SIG Heiner Asia, Morningside ventures, Lightspeed An Zhen / Lightspeed, Saif, Jun linked capital / Lenovo venture, and then around their investment case to carry on the concrete analysis.

1, the amount of investment and currency distribution

investment in terms of quantity, IDG capital, Sequoia Capital China, Jingwei China occupy TOP 3 position. IT orange statistics show that the 11 institutions in 2014 contributed a total of 444 investment events, accounting for the total of 21.9%. Among them, the largest number of included IDG capital, 108, accounting for the total of 5.3%; followed by Sequoia Capital China and Jingwei China, respectively, from the beginning of the 68 and.


currencies, 11 institutions mainly on dollar based investments. IT orange statistics show that these 11 major VC institutions involved in the investment of the 444 events, there are $303 for investment, accounting for the total of 68.24%, while the RMB investment is only from the beginning of the year, 31.76%. Compared to the overall investment in 2014, the RMB accounted for 66.91% of the main

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