Legend of China intends to list three new board in the first quarter net profit of 1 million 21 thou

26, Beijing legend Chinese education Polytron Technologies Inc on July 25th in the share transfer system issued a public transfer instructions, announcements, this will be transferred to the agreement of the 5 million shares.


according to the announcement, the legendary Chinese education in 2016 first quarter operating income of 200.83, net profit of $1 million 21 thousand and 400, gross margin was 95.85%.

legend of Hua Yu’s main business is the development of digital resources, cloud platform and application of digital resources and related software products production and sales, is a service company of education information fusion in school information construction, information technology and teaching. Since 2014, the company’s main business revenue accounted for 100% of operating income. Its main customers are Peking University, Central University of Finance and Economics and so on more than 10000.

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