From the trees to the mouth respect for commercial law, human feelings bloom

in the mass innovation, entrepreneurship policy, how to catch up with the new wave of entrepreneurs to become entrepreneurs concern, "Internet plus" has become the most popular starting point for innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship in the group, there are many CIO figure. Today, we tell about a story of entrepreneurs have feelings for you, the master of the story is the founder of Mdt InfoTech Ltd, Suzhou light shop seventh North CIO class of Mr Wang Jiajia, let him to share his entrepreneurial story.


Suzhou light shop Mdt InfoTech Ltd founder, the seventh North CIO class

Wang Jiajia"From the

to the mouth:" respect for commercial law, blooming humanities

Internet venture, entrepreneurial internet. A grim reality is that you do business with respect for commercial law? It is in the absence of external investment, self circulation and continued to enlarge and then go on with?. I and my partner to create a light store in Suzhou science and technology, it is like this, but still can not reach their own definition of this realm.

is already in a "lemon market" in the environment, how to build a transparent tunnel between producers and consumers, in connection with the natural agronomic planting fruit farmers, people in the pursuit of quality natural life? This is our practice since June 2015. On both sides of the supply and demand, there are about 150 details of the process need to be revised, confirmed and coupled. Please forgive me for using the "process" of the word, in the manufacturing line of work for 18 years of CIO, it is easy to venture in the past experience projection, fortunately, is effective. These processes are connected to each other, support, constitute a light store operating system, you can run thousands of acres of acres of timber production area, so that more and more small and micro brands can be properly enlarged through trust, continuous supply.

is the most difficult to adhere to the business development direction, "is not a handout", many problems are limited, but the founder to completely clarify these really is not easy, than to find the bug in dozens of pages of code to be difficult, because even if you can’t find the logical relationship, through the means of art "the problem.

greater uncertainty, when you want the rest of the time, quietly, this is the beauty of entrepreneurship.

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in March 19, 2016, by a new generation of China IT industry alliance to promote the host; CIO era of network host; Beijing University of information technology and information management research center, Peking University CIO class educational administration office Co, Southern China IT to win rings executives plan together, the title of the "UCloud North CIO China – Guangzhou Railway Station" event will be opened in the beautiful Guangzhou curtain! The theme is: the Internet plus and entrepreneurial innovation, invited a number of executives, CIO, CEO and entrepreneurs together to talk about entrepreneurship and innovation Internet plus era, let >

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