Stunned! These entrepreneurs are actually rich two generations

Abstract: Wang Xing is also a hidden two rich generation, his father is the cement business, large scale, open an annual output of 2 million tons of cement and modern cement plant in Yongding County of Longyan City, a total investment of 600 million yuan. Wang Xingjia villa covers an area of 800 square meters, a total of four.

mention the rich two generation, can cause a lot of topics, from the word has been raised after it has been controversial. In the venture capital circles have such a word, China’s two generation of the rich capital market is the strength of the third. They combine the minds of the younger generation and the older generation of capital, with strong creativity. It can be seen that the two generation of rich as a "special" group, has been on China’s venture capital circles have a negligible impact.

uh, entrepreneurs and investors of the group of two rich generation indeed, there are some people in the venture capital industry mix of wind. Far from saying that the exposure rate is very high, the national husband Wang Sicong is a very rich two generation of business minded. 2011 entered the electronic sports circle, creating a IG club, sizzling game circle, privatized electronic sports industry has become one of the most popular industry in recent years. Founded in 2012, covering 22 MIPS capital, business field, profitable, created in 2015 to enter the panda TV network broadcast industry, occupy the market rapidly. The young 80 rich two generations had from his father who held the 500 million "training fee", abruptly turned 4 billion, for over 8 times. And Wang Sicong himself is no longer just the rich two generation, but a real businessman.

it seems that the two generation of the rich for the venture capital market is indeed not a small impact, small inventory down to find the success of today’s entrepreneurs who are also filled with a lot of the rich generation of the two.

1, drops travel Liu Qing

drops trip as the first successful taxi platform has achieved considerable success, and the company’s president Liu Qing is a standard rich two generation. Father Liu Chuanzhi is chairman of the board of directors of the Lenovo Inc, in November 2011 stepped down, the honorary chairman of the board of directors of Lenovo Group, Lenovo Group senior adviser, the global CEO Development Conference Co chair. In the shining halo of the father, Liu Qing also has a very strong business acumen, 2002 entry of Goldman, 08 years was promoted to executive director, in 2014 to enter the drops, drops help completed a $700 million financing. And two times by the Chinese entrepreneurs as the most influential business women.

2 Capital Partners Wang Fu also

Wang is also the eldest brother of Huayi Brothers eldest brother Wang Zhongjun, is about to succeed Wang Zhongjun, 2, served as director of Huayi, who served as the director of china. He graduated from University of London and received a master’s degree in the Department of mathematics, sophomore year began to contact investment, 2013 game market continues to heat up, Wang Fu also use hand money some game companies slightly return. In 2014, he founded a joint venture with his friends and invested a large number of projects in a very short period of time.

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