Who did Tang Yan take the Rockets B2B electricity supplier how to subvert the trillion market

sat on the opposite side of Mou Bin is not tall, dark color, but the spirit of excitement. The school is now 80 hydropower B2B electricity supplier looking for plastic network founder, he is preparing for the company’s second round of financing.

Mou Bin was working in a NetEase for 5 years, the Olympic Games project, unfamiliar street founder Tang Yan sat opposite to him, a few years of development between the unfamiliar street as sitting on the rocket, Tang Yan life is different, plus Li Xueling, Li Yong, who left side of salmon NetEase entrepreneurs entrepreneurial experience, which greatly stimulated Mou Bin’s nerve.

2014, I feel the time to start their own business, and then do not venture, then there may be no chance." Mou Bin tells "Chinese entrepreneur".

courage, and not fully prepared in the case, Mou Bin into the tide of entrepreneurial force. Not surprisingly, direction, capital, talent, a entrepreneurs face the problem once let him in every pit scorched by the flames, he suffered setbacks, but he eventually persevered.

today, Mou Bin founded the plastic net in "Jingwei Chinese", "really shun 10 million yuan angel investment fund", in January 2015 received a $20 million A round of financing Qiming venture partners, IDG capital, this is the largest investment of venture capital institutions in the field of chemical engineering plastics. Today, its B round of financing is also carried out smoothly.

Mou Bin founded to find a plastic network is a one-stop trading platform for the plastics industry, buyers can use this platform to find the most reasonable price with the fastest time, and reached a deal. Under the help of the capital, as of May this year, the establishment of less than a year to find the total amount of plastic net matching transaction reached 4 billion 100 million yuan, of which the single month turnover reached $1 billion 200 million in May.

B2B electricity supplier in the last year is very hot, in the air, this kind of Internet model to some extent, subvert the original long industrial chain, so that large distributors and demand side direct docking. Mou Bin believes that one of their core competitiveness is to help customers find the goods faster, from the original 1 hours now down to 15 minutes to fix, and through large data, and the relative price of goods, reduce transaction costs. At present, the plastic network has been in Dongguan, Lecong, Yuyao, Shanghai, Chengdu set up an office in Southern China, East China plastics trading market to occupy a larger market share, is the layout of the country.

spent the initial period of risk, Mou Bin is still on the road to success. What kind of industry and category for B2B at the outlet of the electricity supplier, this enterprise has overcome the difficulties? The story may give the Mou bin in the B2B on the air marketer entrepreneurs bring a little inspiration.

from hydro engineers to B2B entrepreneurs

and most entrepreneurs are different, looking quite honest Mou Bin university is hydropower engineering. He didn’t like the subject, but he entered a state ten years ago

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