Seven questions need to be considered before starting a business

in the national public entrepreneurship, innovation policy support, the rise of the tide of social entrepreneurship again. This word appears in the memory of entrepreneurs, clearly remember when in a high class, speaking after the national home competition comes from the competition between enterprises and entrepreneurs is standing in the front of revered by the people all over the world. High wind may have been in the hearts of the beginning of a seed in the heart of the root, is to be a successful entrepreneur in the future. Vaguely remember in 09 years when the country is to support entrepreneurship, 09 years began to constantly explore and learn entrepreneurship related knowledge, high wind when the talent market in Qingdao will have a weekly entrepreneurial small share, every time the rest will go to. There are also related to entrepreneurship projects when the exhibition is also actively participate in their own. In the middle of the system after so many years, entrepreneurship, do the project, work, life has been doing so. Also recently heard a share that the future if there is a chance to start the business, the seven questions before the start is to think clearly. The probability of success may double the success rate.

first question: industry

must choose the industry, entrepreneurial team into the line is the biggest opportunity. Choose a profession is very important; choose Chaoyang industry, rather than the sunset industries; for example Chinese social benefits on the rise of the middle class, consumption upgrade; high-tech emerging industry; financial, medical, education, beauty as the representative of the service industry, these industry is a good industry and traditional industry it is not a good choice.

second questions: demand

here is the fear of the needs of entrepreneurs in the minds of the needs of the imagination, rather than the real or have done a detailed analysis and research needs.

there is also a need to focus on the frequency and importance of. The best choice of high frequency, high customer demand, under normal circumstances, the higher the frequency of the more likely to produce a larger company. For example: in the daily travel, dining areas have emerged, new high level leaders by travel enterprises.

third questions: market size

needs to analyze the market size of the segments in which the product is in the market, rather than the size of the market as a whole. For example: the education market size is large, while the entrepreneurial product demand is the online education, the size of the market is large, but not to generalize according to the education market size to judge. If this is dangerous.

fourth questions: competitors

here you need to think about the market segments in their own choice, whether there are competitors. If you do not have the best competitors, of course, the general situation will be competitors. Need to think about the current competitive landscape is how to do, there are some questions to ask yourself: for example, if there is already a

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