This winter is not too cold the collapse of the capital, you can create a peace of mind

Abstract: whether for business or investment, the overall situation is Rainbow Night enterprises, product homogeneity, market share, profit model is not clear, the course should be to chill, and those who can create real value, using O2O to transform the industry chain enterprises, money is not a problem.

since the beginning of this year, there are voices in the field of investment, said: O2O investment window closed. At the beginning of July, with the stock market surge, "winter is coming, ready for the winter" is emerging.

in response to this phenomenon, the company interviewed several investors, but also collected a number of investors’ point of view, and statistics in August this year, the case of goods transit network, a week of investment and financing inventory information. How the bubble burst? The future road and where? After the collation of information, we believe that overall, has experienced rapid development in 2013, 2014, and per capita market investment tends to be rational, the choice is more cautious, but the project still touted.

autumn chill

September 2014, Xu Xin, President of capital today bluntly, venture capital valuation has deviated from the fundamentals of the company, a bubble.

October 2014, Huaxing capital founder and CEO Bao Fan said, the future is short for 6 months, 12 months is long, the market bubble bust.

capital data released in June 2015, said: O2O angel project in the field of fire last year, which means that this year’s angel financing window is closed."

August 2015, Fosun brothers capital investment vice president Lu Yama in an interview that the goods transit network, more cautious, especially in the back rounds, early stage or relatively good. Investment institutions are relatively sensitive to price.

SK Telecom (China), vice president of venture capital fund Jane River (Jian Shu) recently lamented: capital collapse, you can create a peace of mind".

winter said the origin of

O2O, a main runway ideally, burn mode hard to win the hearts and minds of investors

venture capital investment manager Sun Haotian believes that the threshold is not high in the field of O2O companies, we do almost the same thing, this is a market will soon be saturated.

smile technology founder and CEO Zhang Liang said that a lot of entrepreneurs in China is a common mistake, is too dependent on the risk of investment. Leveraging venture capital this is not wrong, but if mistakenly believe that entrepreneurs must rely on investment, investment and people have the obligation to keep his company up, is the wrong solution.

Qiming venture partner Huang Peihua believes that burn do the way users certainly need to adjust, but how to spend the winter or to look at specific industries, such as taxi drops, the burn pattern really changed the user’s habits, which is established under the environment at that time. If the specific industry which will be more dangerous, it should be the most intense competition in the industry, for entrepreneurs, but also me t>

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