Oh God raging hit a wave of VC projects are not enough!

Abstract: This shows that the market to follow the trend of investors indeed. Hard work, let others go against risk, I follow enough, reduce risk, obtain high returns, however, remember Cai Wensheng once said, he and other co investment projects are all yellow.

like a big wave of stars VC struck

statistics show that VC is a big wave to potential entrepreneurs to come roaring waves.

according to the Fund Industry Association statistics show that the number of domestic VC, private institutions registered over more than 20 thousand investors, of which more than half of which accounted for VC.

GPLP Jun side, classmates and friends, a lawyer, a host, a little bit of money, all walks of life, are beginning to squeeze into thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers of venture capital industry, VC, and angel investment.

two years ago, IPO exit a little difficult, so most of the investment institutions are beginning to do early investment, PE also began to VC, so VC suddenly began to bustle up, a friend secretly said quietly.

this is not, recently, GPLP Jun participated in the activities of a Zhongguancun organization, met a wave of VC.

just sat down, Mr. GPLP and his name card exchange, at a glance, even title of at least four or more, so Mr. GPLP quietly asked, "are you


the other party certainly said, "of course, do not write on the card


GPLP again, carefully looked at the name card, name card title is domineering:

"a partner in a law firm; an angel investment firm partner; an investment bank advisor; the president of a management consulting firm"

GPLP the king was shocked — well, VC an industry chain a long Pro contract, good brother word.



, compared to ten years ago, VC’s lonely down, it is ten years Hedong Hexi ten years.

this one set up earlier VC institutional investors once said, in investment conference in 2000, the national investment institutions to partner, a roundtable can be filled, we all know each other, it is now changed days, various meetings are packed with all kinds of investors, a lot of new institutions have never even heard of.

as an ad, plus the amount does not increase, the participants in the market has become more and more, ha ha, the investment circle how lively we can imagine.

, however, is not to come back to a circle, investment should also comply with the 28 law of economics, the oversupply situation began to face changes, such as start shuffling, sure enough, Mr. GPLP is expected to view results, according to the latest statistics show that in 2016 the most active TO>

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