Traffic is still WeChat bonus, but it is more difficult to use it to start a business

Abstract: WeChat for entrepreneurs are a lot of cake and marginal depth of field, entrepreneurs in general lack of capital, energy and patience, it is difficult to make a breakthrough in these areas. Although the social dividend and bonus flow is WeChat’s bonus, but ultimately, and entrepreneurs have nothing to do, and businesses have nothing to do.

subversion Taobao, connect everything, which is the last two years to talk about the topic of the most talked about WeChat. In a period of time, WeChat was held on the altar, with the flow of dividends disappear, WeChat also gradually go down.

In addition to the circle of friends Feed

advertising, WeChat has been questioned in the commercial realization of the outside world. No matter is the wide point of cooperation with the Jingdong launched a shopping entrance or the effect of advertising, have never been particularly explosive. Although WeChat still maintained a high growth rate and monthly activity, but it is no longer the first choice of entrepreneurs relish.

once, the birth of thousands of entrepreneurs around the WeChat company, and now the name in addition to micro, praise, a little bit off a few, most seem to have vanished. Rely on WeChat’s bonus outlet can take off has also taken off, and choose from the subsequent entry of WeChat entrepreneurs have become increasingly cautious.

so, a large part of the reason is that the window is closing WeChat venture bonus. The author will check WeChat once important business.

a, WeChat marketing

2013, WeChat announced on the third party platform open to the public, login authorization interface, for a time, this exciting news for many with WeChat public number development of the initiation of the variety of the idea of entrepreneurship. The Au represented third party developers to become the biggest beneficiary of this wave of bonuses, or through direct sales agent model quickly spread throughout the country in the market.

subsequently, WeChat marketing, WeChat generation operations, WeChat plus powder and other programs, templates, software companies to expand. With micro-blog V led by a large number of wide and extensive marketing is different, WeChat’s one pair of precision marketing is more likely to be favored by businesses. In the WeChat public account to build the official website, single, do marketing, do CRM (Customer Relationship Management), the fans are no longer a good tool for precipitation.

Because the natural attributes of the

marketing, various WeChat services, powder marketing quickly applied to various industries based on catering, wedding, retail, automotive, real estate, electricity providers, as well as a variety of "bargain", "raise" and "help purchase" micro mall marketing activities like a raging fire. Followed by the WeChat marketing training tutorials, mentors and waves.

millet, Starbucks, China Merchants Bank took the lead to become the industry benchmark in this wave, reap the dividends. The higher the value of WeChat’s marketing business is also higher, as long as you can think of the commercial value of the excavation, almost all developers have been exhausted." Drift bottle, shake, two-dimensional code, location signature, circle of friends, and even Image >

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