There is a dream of the child is very poor, especially the nternet dream

before reading this article, I first statement, the following view only my personal view, may bring some negative energy, and some ideas may parents and leaders. But again, the following view only my personal view, you can not agree, but it is not necessary to persuade me to change what in the world. There is no right and wrong, only the identity and negation.

had seen a lot of teacher’s curriculum, success, management, marketing guru, I believe that if you have a dream, would have seen these people’s speech or is the training course, because if you have a dream, there will be one or more of your idols. To understand them, copy them, even if you want to have a day beyond them.

when we are listening to the teacher’s training courses, we must get to know their personal experiences, and many of the teachers have a common characteristic, these teachers have their own company, and they founded the company before most of them do a thing, is to be a family member or friend against business, perhaps some of the "master" is this experience made up, but they can not deny that many teachers really have such experience.

if you are a child with a dream, do your parents support you, but you can do everything to make your dreams come true? If your parents support you, will you really go all out to work hard for your dreams?

if you are a parent, if your child has his own dream, will you support him?

my current situation is not your situation?

on the Internet, people should know the feather of extraordinary not too little, know at this time in reading this article, you should know me, I’m on the Internet in my friends and students should think that I am doing network in full-time, not because of my personal blog, I there are three sites and a IDC platform to do, although do not good, but it should also be a full-time network workers can do? But I am not, all the work I do in the day after. I have a part-time job for parents, don’t think, I don’t have a family business, I work at our local TV station, because the job is my parents request, so I went to do, so I called for their work, of course I know they are good for me, want I have a stable job, I don’t love this job first, then forced himself to accept and to love it, and try every day to go to work, but was defeated by the reality, your efforts will not be sure, for most is to be used, being laughed at. On the Internet you are very hard to do will be rewarded, traffic will increase, the train of thought will increase, and even income will increase, even if you do wrong, all the wrong you can bear, but no one will laugh at you.

some people say that everyone feel wronged, yes, but if things are put out, maybe you are not the most wronged, although I am not good at communicating with others outside of work, but I still love.

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