Chen Danian we are so desperate venture was a mistake

Abstract: I said to my investors, when you see the boss of an enterprise does not go to work, but the company has maintained rapid growth, in fact, you should not worry, but should be happy. Because this is a mature enterprise.


titanium media note: as a continuous entrepreneur, Wifi master key founder Chen Danian a few days ago to see the reflection of NetEase Ding Lei, discusses the Internet entrepreneurs blindly seeking time window error. As another 20 years of entrepreneurship in the Internet in Zhejiang, I feel heartfelt resonance. Recently coincided with the Harvard Venture Forum and entrepreneurs and investors to do some share, he sorted out, the formation of text, through the titanium media platform and continue to discuss.

‘s speech at Harvard is the second time I’ve been sharing in public for the last 16 years. Choose the theme when some tangled, at Harvard this platform about what is good? First, I think it is not about the macro? For example: the economic crisis influence on the world? It sounds cool, but Harvard, I really don’t understand these. Later, I want to cherish this rare opportunity to say something I think I know. So, I will summarize the process of the establishment of the enterprise in the past ten years, the greatest experience and insights.

this site has a lot of foreign friends, my English really is not very good, so I’m sorry to share with Chinese, but before I speak first corrects the original English title, titled "Chinese entrepreneurs how to be lazy", I think the right translation should be "be lazy, be success".

from the hard work, to "be lazy, be success", is the biggest change in my 16 years of entrepreneurial process. People who know me know that I am in a state of entrepreneurship and the state is completely different.

What kind of state is

Be lazy? I was founded in September 2013, which is close to three and a half years. This three and a half years, I work every day time is almost six hours every day at half past ten in the morning to noon, there will be two hours of eating and exercise time, six o’clock in the evening thunder real home Saturday, Sunday won’t work.

so hard what is the state? More than and 10 years ago, and I (Ti media note: the famous investor, Harvard Center responsible person) just know, Shanda also has just started, this time we average daily working time close to 15 hours a year, only about seven days of rest. The education we have received from small to large is the traditional success education. For example, the "rich" people for having heard it many times, "the reason for my success is other people’s time to drink coffee for learning", and "leaders must take the lead, right? The successful education is such a story. So we have been in this state of mind in the work.

later, the company

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