2016 nets red ecological white paper published a network of red ushered in a comprehensive industria

iResearch Consulting Group and micro-blog jointly issued the 2016 network red ecological white paper (referred to as the white paper), the first comprehensive inventory of the current situation of the red industry network and network red economic development trend. White paper pointed out that the network has been upgraded from the red phenomenon as an economic industry, with a short video, live with the electricity supplier as the main trend of the net economy, unprecedented concern by investors.

from the phenomenon to the industry, the network becomes an important feature of the net red

pointed out that the "white paper", before the Red Net phenomenon experienced anonymous community, grassroots reds, hand piece three stages of development. In an anonymous community and grassroots Reds stage, red net mainly depends on the quality of content released gain influence. The emergence of social networks to become the main red satin hand net, fans began settling, marketing content has become diversified.

The popularity of

mobile Internet, to further accelerate the upgrading of the red net industry ecosystem, network into the content of red IP, industrialization and multimedia development stage. With the popularity of social networking, mobile payments, electricity providers and other Internet based services, content creation ability and the power of national commercial operation is activated on the Internet, directly promoted the network upgrade to a red phenomenon from the industry has investment value.

with the network red become an industry, popular through the network, and the realization of the network to become an important feature of the network red. Web is the product of the Internet to meet the needs of contemporary popular culture. The popularity of net red is the result of the technical progress, the upgrading of public demand, the active commercial ecology and the social atmosphere of "Pan entertainment". The current network of red competition is mainly concentrated in the Yan value, content, the team and the ability to produce four aspects, video, live and electricity supplier is the main trend of the development of the network red economy.

social media is popular the main channel, spread into a realizable premise

increase the degree of industrialization, so that the network within the red industry division of labor is more subtle, but also further enhance the brand value of the network red. "The white paper pointed out that" in reticulocyte development mode and the past extensive, mobile Internet era, organized, professional and commercial team to facilitate the operation to hatch, talent shows itself, mainly engaged in network economy and red content production mainly made of IP and Fang Yingyun.

this makes the role of professional brokerage companies in the network economy is more prominent red. YouTube model of foreign countries, represented by MCN, MCN video aggregation of the author, in the capital to support the formation of sustained content production capacity, the completion of commercial realization. Ampere Analysis, a report shows that the top 100 of the YouTube’s largest MCN browsing accounted for about 42% of its monthly views, the total valuation of nearly $10 billion.

in China, however, this model is still in its infancy. White paper disclosure, only 23.8% of the network has signed with the brokerage agency. However, this model has begun to be accepted by the domestic network, especially the entry of capital, so that the further improvement of the red industry chain >

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