He worked for 12 years from rookie to Google CEO salary $100 million

Abstract: most of us non rich two generations, the two generation, there is no background no contacts without resources nor staff, but as long as we like chopping wood brother, regardless of life, regardless of poverty, do exercise their ability to conscientiously do every job in the hands, take more in return, the greater one day, you will also like chopping wood brother as a successful counter attack.

have seen a lot of grass root counter attack story, but counter attack so thoroughly was the first time to see


he is from Google officers CEO · Sandel (Sundar Pichai); CAI skin, in order to highlight the cultural level of Chinese people, we call him: Wood (Pichai).

wood is a fake a compensable ten India Sanru home India Chennai, childhood home penniless, because the house is not enough to live often live in the living room, a family of four travel often crowded in a bad motorcycle, to study in the United States have to buy second-hand bag.


brother’s parents but a split firewood sensible people, "the children suffer not from poor not poor education, so even if the family did not allow the chopping wood brother dropped out of bricks, but take all the savings to support him to go to school.

of course, firewood brother is not to let parents down, from the high school admitted to the prestigious Indian Institutet of Technology India IIT Kanpur (IIT Kharagpur) (it is said that this is a more difficult test of India Qinghua University, a school of God) Road linked to the Yale University graduate, and then to the entry of Google, after 12 years to become a Google CEO, and then took a $100 million 500 thousand salary, this is the legend of the other children and


look at others, do CEO

world parents universal edition pet phrase: "people look at


oh I go, I have his hardware I don’t

my God!But

had to say that apart from the poor, the other places are really powerful, or the CEO throne is not white, is it?

memory, telephone number

gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory

brother firewood has an amazing talent, is a very good memory.

when he was 12 years old, he can remember verbatim their old dial telephone dialed numbers, is simply a walk the phone book, so he forgot the phone number on the old uncle for his call, for I can only rely on the mail list remember the phone number of the person that has been crying halo in the toilet.


Google vice president of Engineering Alan Eustace is also full of praise for chopping wood brother memory, he said there is a meeting, chopping wood brother mentioned about a super popular voice search data, and Alan senior experts even voice search the data do not know! Splitbrain bag configuration > brother Chai

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