An Dongsheng Grassroots entrepreneurship stepped on the ground of the reasons why

Internet business is a simple and complex matter, as long as simple to have a mobile phone can make money by WeChat, to a variety of complex projects, plans are to be prepared in advance, human nature is hard to change, an impetuous person can not be turned into ten years of grinding sword ‘attention in particular, for grassroots entrepreneurs, more likely to step on landmines.

many entrepreneurs are thinking too much, they always feel that there are a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities and direction, find a lot of opportunities, think of themselves than competitors a lot stronger, even no competitors, what their strengths and advantages of opening closed, rarely talked about user needs, motivation, often indulge in the huge market space to imagine themselves inside.

really single-minded entrepreneurs, and strategic choice of direction will not swing, will start only in a narrow and even ridiculed in the field, not much about the size of the market, every day thinking is how to create user value and better user experience.

entrepreneurial inspirational or entrepreneurial books to see more, it is inevitable that the passion of the brain a hot start. The biggest problem for the first time entrepreneurs is to underestimate the difficulties and problems, face a problem, often helpless, even complaining that his bad luck, competitors are very bad, the user is too white, and often because the future is not clear, the results do not go on.

has a way of entrepreneurs know how to analyze and dismember the difficulties, and concentrating to a solution of a difficult and curing process and solving steps, do not rush, but not to complain, because to solve the difficulties as playing the game as it is their clearance, fun.

is not very many business practices most symptoms, is a China Confucian culture country, was brought up to Friendliness is conducive to business success., facts and truth, before resorting to force etc.. But do poineering work and fight on the same house, but not life and death battle in the battlefield, there is no reason, slack, and luck for only


in order to survive, you must know what is the nature of business or business, you know you can’t be too weak, be good, you have to know Military orders are like a mountain. Good entrepreneurs as often war generals, think the best management is to lead the soldiers to win the war, the rest are nonsense, and win the war must be fierce, not only to be more strong and hard for their own efforts and make more agile……

business looks bright, but in reality are doomed eternally. You now know that even on a magazine cover a lot of entrepreneurs, in a few years you can see where he is, and most of the so-called retired Olympic champion as was not good, because once the venture onto the road, you can’t go back, it is difficult to find the mentality to work, gradually turned into a high not low not many people, finally only choice is to do the training and consulting…… But in the end, it down. Don’t talk about the few successful people around you, but forget those who have been brilliant success.

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