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empty fox event continues to ferment, its founder Yu Xiaodan exposed the unspoken rule of venture capital "has attracted more attention and Discussion on Sina Technology follow-up report, unknown to the user question said: why investors signed the agreement does not play


the problem involves the two aspects of love and reason, sina science and technology in this regard to a number of investment institutions and professional equity lawyers to solicit opinions and views.

status of venture capital is difficult to equal

founder Yu Xiaodan said in the empty fox readme, entrepreneurs do not abide by the agreement may be punished in accordance with the agreement, but investors do not play money without restraint, and if the resort to the law, on the one hand may be time-consuming, the entrepreneurial count every minute and second time into protracted lawsuit; on the other hand is venture capital "unspoken rule", once the public rent, are likely to be regarded as "thorn", will encounter in the future financing of venture capital "unspoken rule".

Yu Xiaodan recalled that at that time to sign the agreement does not hit the shareholders public decorum. But Cao Yi, the investor’s capital partners, said in a conference call: "do you still want to be mixed up in the circle? Do you want to raise money in the future?"

in fact, many unnamed investors said that venture capital relationship inequality is not a new topic, in the "milk is the mother" under the condition that the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs will not equal. And the field of venture capital seems to be open but relatively closed, and even a number of institutions have LP relationship, the circle will maintain each other face".

but not all stages of entrepreneurial projects will encounter this problem, these investors say, the more early financing rounds is not easier to encounter "inequality", especially the seed round or angel investors and entrepreneurs will be more willing to grow together, so as to realize the win-win situation in the future after long time development.

and the changes in the environment of venture capital

however, signed the agreement does not hit the phenomenon does not exist in recent years it is particularly obvious, in addition to not fight, and even signed the agreement of the divestment case, such as the beginning of an open letter to declare the entrepreneurial crisis "sing", the reason is financing encountered "jump".

"jump" is the legal aspects of professional statement signed the agreement is not fulfilled, has 13 years of experience in the field of law law of venture capital M founder Zheng Minglong told Sina: "this is rare in the past, there are also small institutions, large institutions will not appear, because of their reputation."

but in the second half of last year, in the so-called capital of the winter environment, signed the agreement does not play the phenomenon of more and more common, and even incomplete statistics, this jump rate of up to 20%-30%.

investors are not willing to be named to explain Sina Technology, regardless of reputation, the main reason: venture capital to accelerate competition. Compared to the past, venture capital in the past two years, hot anomaly, not only is a surge in entrepreneurial projects, and

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