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breast feeding is the safest and most effective way to eat breast food can promote the development of the chest two times without the need to hurt their health at the cost of. Especially in autumn and winter, a bowl of hot soup can let you have a proud Shuangfeng, Why not?.

, a peanut has a "peanut" reputation, for flat chested women, peanut breast is a good choice.

recommended Recipes: Peanut jujube Astragalus porridge

practice: red dates, peanuts with put in the pot boiled with water amount to peanut can be overripe.

breast enhancement principle: peanuts are rich in vitamin E and fat, can promote the development and perfection of the ovary, so that mature egg cells to increase, stimulate the secretion of estrogen, thereby promoting the growth of breast tube, breast grow.

Xiaobian reminder: even after eating 7 days after menstruation will be more obvious effect.

two, traditional Chinese medicine chicken soup

material: a chicken, longan and medlar, angelica Sanqian Qian, Qian, Qian, Rong from ginseng two money;

practice: half drinks can eat stew, three times a month, will help promote breast flow, breast development, adjust endocrine, during the postpartum confinement food can accelerate metabolism, adjust the body, restore contractility.

three, wild kudzu powder

material: Wild Kudzu Powder

practice: BREW can take

breast secret: kudzu powder is a pure natural breast clergyman, by adjusting the body two times, promoting the development of the chest, chest to increase several cups in a short period of time, for the promotion of many female stars.


rejuvenation breast porridge semen

in many ratite family, ten eight people are cold hands and feet of the constitution, also often hear people complain, menstrual headache, menstrual pain, backache, drowsiness every time. Some of these people are naturally weak, and some are usually not maintained because there are factors such as weight loss caused by endocrine disorders, the body is getting smaller and smaller, lower body fat. Encounter this kind of situation is recommended to the uterine nursed back to good health, because the uterus and breast together, uterine sound will have full of proud people of Shuangfeng.

in Ge Hong’s "baopuzi" in a book called dodder elixir, dodder can eat longevity, even immortality. A lot of beauty, beauty treatment, compound compatibility strong, strong feeling, fine medicine are not dodder.

Chinese porridge hot and cold safe, can be used as snack snacks, but also can be equipped with several dishes for dinner. Often eat porridge but occasionally dodder breast pain feeling, the body will be more moisture, some people desire will be enhanced, which is healthy and mature people do not have to worry about the normal physiological reaction.

Materials and method:

dodder porridge

material: dodder is a gram, a bowl of rice.

approach: dodder into gauze bags with blisters, one to two hours, to the global skin soft, then wash the rice, put the medicine bag.

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