Must know! Eight strange that breast breast cancer health network

breast abnormal performance should be careful!

(1) breast significantly increased, swelling, rapid changes;

(2) breast reduction, nipple retraction;

(3) breast mass, abnormal secretion of the nipple, especially bloody secretions;

(4) on both sides of the breast asymmetry; nipple retraction, breast skin is orange skin;

(5) the nipple or areola appear skin erosion, eczema like change;

(6) axillary, supraclavicular lymph node enlargement, and sometimes can feel a sense of extrusion in the armpit;

(7) local ulcer or pain of breast. Often intermittent and confined to the lesion, the pain does not change with the menstrual cycle.

(8) unexplained pain, back pain, abdominal distension, abdominal mass, anemia and wasting gas etc..

30 months after the self-examination of breast

bath after standing in front of the mirror to check

akimbo, body rotation around the view from the mirror shape, both sides of the breast skin has no strange, then hands over his head, there is no abnormal nipple.

bath after lying on the bed

was examined on the side of the shoulder pad or pillow, check if there was a mass in the breast. Check to start at the top of the breast, right breast in a clockwise direction, the left breast in an anticlockwise direction; from the periphery of the breast, gradually inward, until the nipple. The left hand holding on the back, to check the left breast with the right hand, the fingers of your right hand to close together, under the clavicle above the papilla clockwise massage, don’t use fingertip pressure or squeezing.

same way to check the right breast. The first round around the breast with a finger ring, and then from the left side of the breast to the right side of the top-down press, and finally make a radial examination from the nipple. Pay attention to the fingers do not always leave the breast to make sure not to miss any place. The scope of the examination should include the armpits and the clavicle. Do not have too much effort to avoid causing breast pain.

with the index finger and middle finger gently squeeze nipple

if there is excessive liquid, observe is clear or turbid, yellow, white or red, often bloody secretions, that may have breast carcinogenesis, once found abnormal, should immediately seek medical treatment.

the best time is 10 days after the end of the menstrual period

but when you detect a strong, fixed position and shape, boundary irregular lump, they should ask the doctor to check. When the breast skin was orange like change or appear "dimpled", is a disease that advanced.

is more sensitive to the diagnostic method is to do regular breast high-frequency X-ray examination, it is best to the Department of oncology or breast specialist regular follow-up, get better control.

(internship editor: He Lili)

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