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breast and spleen and stomach, Qi and blood related

a lot of people want to do: take breast enhancement medicine, to the beauty salon to do chest lifting, chest surgery, etc.. These are more or less have a certain effect, but also can say breasts can also promote the overall health of the breast, may wish to try traditional Chinese medicine. In Guangzhou women and children’s medical center of Chinese medicine adult acupuncture clinic, a lot of postpartum breast sagging, shrinking women are here for long-term conditioning and treatment. The specialist Dr. Liu Xiaoqing pointed out that the physiology, pathology, appearance of the breast with the spleen, stomach, liver three dirty close relationship. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that women with blood is the blood for the spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach function, blood metaplasia is sufficient, can help the two clock, make it play the role of nutrition of breast. If the abnormal functions of the spleen and stomach, Qi and blood biochemical deficiency, as two pulse missing Ruyang, will inevitably lead to Qi blood stasis, the physiological function and normal breast appearance cannot be maintained, thus appear breast sagging, even atrophy.


methods of Chinese medicine beauty

traditional Chinese medicine treatment of postpartum breast ptosis, atrophy is mainly to regulate the spleen and stomach, Qi and blood. There are three specific ways:

massage breasts

first, take danzhong (center two nipple connection), milk root (the lower edge of the breast to nipple position), Wuyi (papillary margin on nipple position), Jianjing (midpoint side shoulder week), little Ze (0.1 inch lateral finger nail trailing edge points, each point) rubbing 300-500. Then, the radial massage from the breast to the nipple around, suggested in the shower, about 15-20 minutes.

reminder: just give birth to the baby can use this method, can play the role of breast care, two-way adjustment, and the operation is simple and convenient, at home can be easily completed.

acupuncture breast

can select a number of points through the spleen and stomach and multi gas and blood acupuncture point adjustment, 3 times a week, 10 times a course of treatment, more exciting, more means of treatment is also more. In addition to pure acupuncture, electrotherapy, and catgut embedding can also add a variety of means of bloodletting. Among them, similar to the long-term stimulation of acupuncture catgut embedding, usually a buried 8-10 point, buried a 10-15 day, compared to more convenient acupuncture bloodletting; is to dredge the meridians, Qi and blood, most take Geshu, Ganshu, tanshu and other points, a blood 2-3 ml, each from 2 points.

reminder: because acupuncture is a two-way adjustment, I do not dare to guarantee that it will not suddenly back to milk, therefore, it is best to do 4-6 months after the treatment.



fish fish rich in collagen, has good effect on improving breast sagging dry. Recommend the use of tremella, red dates, peanuts, white peony root, jujube and fish soup to drink, a dry person still can add Astragalus soup. Eat foods such as pig skin sebum is also an option, but partial wet skin, the body heat of people to eat. In addition, can be put Yellow Wine gelatin? "

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