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in recent years, breast cancer has become the first major cancer of women’s health. Not long ago, Liu Qing, President of the loss of breast cancer news once again detonated the heat of breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer is related to unhealthy diet and mood swings. There is growing evidence that dietary science is important for the prevention of breast cancer.

woman to love themselves, love breasts, please eat the following 7 kinds of food!

1, cruciferous vegetables

cruciferous vegetables contain a known as Glucosinolates of sulfur compounds, with strong oxidation resistance. The study showed that these chemicals can help prevent cell DNA damage, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.

can eat these vegetables: broccoli, garlic, onion, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, long Ye Woju, Chinese cabbage, radish, mustard and cabbage root etc..

2, dark green leafy vegetables


study found that dark green leafy vegetables in lutein and zeaxanthin can help reduce the risk of breast cancer, spinach and cabbage is a good choice.

3, beans and bean products

beans and soy products rich in vegetable protein, nutrient rich, containing calcium, iron, vitamin B, etc.. "Health care research" project found that intake of beans, lentils and chickpeas can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

and one of the best – soy contains phytoestrogens isoflavones, chemical effects similar to estrogen, can reduce the impact of estrogen in vivo. High levels of estrogen increase breast cancer risk.

the National Cancer Institute found that a diet rich in soy in women’s diets reduced the density of breast tissue. The higher the breast tissue density, the greater the risk of breast cancer.

4, tomato

tomatoes have high levels of antioxidant activity, and lycopene helps prevent breast cancer.

raw tomato helps the body’s absorption of vitamin C, but if it is to absorb the lycopene, cooked better. Because lycopene is fat soluble, raw tomatoes are not easy to release, cooked tomatoes, lycopene more easily absorbed by the body.

5, fish rich in Omega -3 fatty acids

Zhejiang University and the Asia Pacific Institute of clinical nutrition nutrition center studied the effects of Omega -3 fatty acids on the human body.


results showed that 20 thousand of the women had breast cancer in the group of 800 thousand. The results showed that women who ate foods rich in Omega -3 fatty acids had a 14% lower risk of breast cancer than women who ate less oily fish.

rich in Omega -3 fatty acids in fish: Tuna, sardines, salmon and trout.

6, olive oil

olive oil because of its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, help to reduce blood fat, prevent blood pressure 2

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