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NG1: exercise, massage can breast

because there is no muscle tissue in the chest, so some chest exercise does not promote the chest becomes larger, but will reduce fat, and make the chest smaller. We must choose a reasonable exercise, which can promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, which is very helpful for the chest shape. If it is a massage, it is necessary to choose the right approach, if the intensity is not appropriate, then it is likely to cause contusion and extrusion. If a long time to breast massage, can cause relaxation, may also be out of shape.

correct massage method is not only to protect the breast massage time is not too dry and damage, can effectively promote the effect of breast.

recommended a correct set of breast movements:

1, after the bath, massage breast care products such as natural breast cream in the chest with both hands, thumb surrounded by chest circumference, push from outside to inside.

2, with the pulp from the chest up under the Wai film slip, first chest, neck position, repeated several times.

3, the use of both hands alternately refers to the finger of the abdomen, from the bottom to the rhythm of the chest under the beat around the four.

4, hands thumb placed on both sides of the breast, push forward extrusion and pressing.

The side of

5, the use of small pulp, respectively, in the chest outside, below, inside repeatedly pressed.

NG2: eat papaya can breast

although many women know that papaya is the best fruit breast, but in fact, not to eat papaya can play the effect of breast. If the method is improper, and even make the original "a cup" into "the airport".

papaya is rich in papaya enzymes, can break down protein, sugar and fat. At the same time, papaya papaya enzyme rich in mammary gland development is very helpful, can stimulate the female hormone secretion, promote breast flow, so as to achieve the purpose of breast. But raw papaya will only backfire. From the diet, the treatment is mainly through papaya uric acid, as treatment for postpartum less milk, breast, papaya is the use of spleen stomach, breast, Tongru effect.

nutritionist said, papaya flat, cool. So if you want to breast, the correct approach is that it is best to eat papaya after stewing, so as not to eat more chest flat.

NG3: pick Bra unimportant

many women believe that the choice of bra is not very important, as long as they do not wear the pain on the line, anyway, worn inside someone else can not see, a little bit smaller also does not matter, never pay attention to the size of underwear." So try not to buy a bra to buy home. In fact, a small bra will affect the development of the chest, while wearing a long bra may also lead to sagging breasts. Actually buy and wear bras have a lot of knowledge, if done well enough, you can immediately lift a cup.

changes with age and marriage

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