What are the methods of prenatal breast massage health net

3, side massage

hot compress massage

many pregnant women friends will breast massage in prenatal, because in the prenatal do breast massage benefits very much, not only can dredge the breast duct, let the milk flow more smoothly, but also can stimulate breast tissue, so that the nipple and areola sensitive skin become more strong, so as to prepare for lactation. So, what are the methods of prenatal breast massage?

breast massage? The above three methods are introduced to massage breast common for everyone, respectively, is hot compress massage massage, massage side push push. Want to massage the breast of the female friends in prenatal, may wish to choose one of them to massage, the effect is better. Want to pay attention to is, massage breast should pay attention to strength, in order to avoid damage to the breast.

direct push massage method is as follows: first, wash your hands and dry, and then the right hand palm on the left breast of the uniform force along the clavicle, the breast tissue is pushed to the roots of the breast, and then according to the previous method, reverse direction, continuous massage fifty times. The second step, the palm of the left hand, placed on the right breast above, the method is the same as the first step.

side pushing massage method is as follows: first, wash your hands and dry, and then placed his hand in the middle of the breast with his left hand, palm and palm, the right breast tissue to the armpit, then use the left hand fingers will be pushed to the breast tissue in situ, according to this method, repeated fifty times. The second step, into the right side of the left side of the push of the breast, the specific reference to the first step.

hot compress massage is a kind of common breast massage method, the operation is relatively simple. Specific methods are as follows: the first step, with a hot towel deposited on both sides of the breast about five minutes. The second step, take away the hot towel, and then use the palm of the palm of the hand to massage the breast around, once a day, each massage can be fifty.

2, push massage


What are the methods of prenatal

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