Breast cancer three late group of the most high-risk _39 _ female health network

45-55 years of age need to be vigilant

the three highest risk of late

maternal and child health care group, Zhao Jing, is expected by the end of the year, the city will have nearly 40 thousand school-age women receive free breast cancer screening.

environmental deterioration, food pollution, psychological stress and other factors caused by changes in hormone levels, as well as other human factors have led to increased risk of breast cancer in women.

Zhao Jing introduction, breast cancer and age, physical, genetic, but also related to lifestyle. At the same time, if the early detection of breast cancer, the treatment effect is better.

according to statistics, at present, the incidence of breast cancer in our city is about 1/1000. Among them, 45-55 years old women with high incidence of breast cancer. Women in this age group before and after menopause, hormonal fluctuations, the most likely to cause breast cancer." Zhao Jing said.

In addition to that, Zhao Jing warned that the risk of breast cancer in women with a history of breast cancer and a family history of breast cancer was also significantly higher than that of the normal population. In addition to

late marriage, late childbearing and late lactation are three risk factors for breast cancer. Research has found that women under the age of 30 with former first fetal and suckling, more than 30 years after the birth of the breast cancer risk is much lower. The reason for the increase in progesterone secretion in women after pregnancy, against estrogen, and lactating women with low levels of estrogen. There is research evidence that estrogen can stimulate breast hyperplasia, high levels of easy to induce breast cancer.

more than 45 years old women should often check

in addition, in recent years, the incidence of breast cancer also appeared the trend of younger age. Zhao Jing analysis, which is closely related to the rhythm of modern women’s life, psychological pressure.

according to the "CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government on deepening the medical and health system reform implementation opinions" and the Ministry of health, the National Women’s Federation "on the issuance of the" rural women "two cancer screening project management solutions" notice "requirements, the city from July 2011 began to free of charge for urban migrant women to carry out" two year old 35-59 cancer "screening, including screening for breast cancer.

breast cancer has become one of the most common malignant tumors in women, the main manifestations of breast lumps, breast pain, axillary lymph nodes, etc.. According to reports, the global average annual new cases of female breast cancer was 1 million 380 thousand, which accounted for 169 thousand of new cases of Chinese, all female malignant tumor 14.2%, ranked first, 45 thousand died, death accounted for all cancers in women 6.1%.

, the statistics show that the incidence of breast cancer in obese women is 3.45 times higher than that in non obese patients. Because of excessive accumulation of fat, estrogen generate increased excess estrogen is fat after storage in adipose tissue, and continuously released into the blood, produce stimulation, in the course of time of breast tissue, it is easy to cause breast cancer.

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