Five women drink tea to help face _39 resident health net _ women

3, lotus tea

4, Huang Qiyang

1, rose tea

2, jujube medlar tea

ginseng tea

women want to maintain a beautiful appearance is done daily recuperation, tea drinking is a daily regimen of what is suitable for women to drink tea?

drink five women tea to help face resident

heat dampness, activating blood to stop bleeding. The amount of menstrual indications caused by blood stasis, abdominal pain, vomiting, traumatic injury.

has the effect of improving Qi and blood deficiency and strengthening physical strength. The red dates (to core) into the pot with the fruit of Chinese wolfberry, and add appropriate amount of water to be decocted; red dates boiled soft, add brown sugar, then mix well, you can drink.

rose it is clear the fire throat, with Xiaoban, wrinkles, beauty of the effect, is the king of flowers. For women, drink more roses, you can make your face with the petals become rosy. Bubble tea roses can according to personal taste with sugar or honey, in order to reduce the astringency roses, strengthening effect. However, the rose is best not to drink together with tea, too many people in the menstrual period is best not to drink.

astragalus polysaccharide can enhance the immune function of the body, improve the antioxidant capacity, and Panax ginseng in the antioxidant, anti hypoxia, anti stress response and other aspects of aging than the role of ginseng.

every morning to drink a supplement qi and blood, the effect of physical fitness. The Black Tea into the pot, and then boiling water for 5 minutes, the red tea filtered in another pot of milk, then add the tea in the milk after boiling, then add salt and stir. The above content only authorized the exclusive use of 39 Health Network, not authorized by the copyright is not reproduced.

5, milk tea

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