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may not necessarily. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the breast, but the size of the breast does not change. However, it seems that the breasts are enlarged because of the strengthening of the chest muscles, so that the breasts themselves become more firm and plump.

is bullshit. The probability of breast cancer is not directly related to the size of the breast, because the malignant tumor occurs directly in the breast duct or breast lobule. However, it has been shown that overweight women are more likely to develop the disease, but more often it is associated with metabolic disorders than the size of the breast.

small breast cancer risk is relatively small

there’s no need for those with a beautiful chest to wear Bra again

uses antiperspirant to cause breast tumor

breast cancer is a genetic disease

some anatomical fact: the breast is separated into connective tissue and adipose tissue into 15-25 parts. As the age and weight increase, the thin bands that connect the chest muscles are stretched to make the chest sagging. Effective prevention of this process is to choose a suitable bra to support the breast, especially during exercise and pregnancy.

women can make breasts bigger by exercise

is not exactly. Every woman may have breast cancer. Only 10% of breast cancers were found to be genetically induced, and none of the relatives of the patients with breast cancer had any similar condition in 85%. As a result, there is no need for anyone to receive a diagnosis of X and regular breast examinations. By the way, breast cancer is not only the mother of the gene chain down, it may be the father.

in fact, a woman’s breasts change somewhat after being born and nursing a child. This is a natural physiological process, because the skin of the breast after the age of 30 will become relaxed and no flexibility. Therefore, people often pay attention to is the sagging breasts or drooping eyes, like a professional doctor is very sensitive to these phenomena. Therefore, breast feeding babies have no significant effect on chest sagging, is a natural physiological process, only the age related.

breastfeeding makes your breasts sag

chest >

it’s all a lie, but it’s crazy on the internet. You may browse news on the Internet, can also find such a message, a small wound caused by shaving armpit hair can promote contain carcinogens antiperspirant soaked into the body, therefore, to the development of tumor. There is no evidence that chemicals such as antiperspirant can cause disease. The results of the study published in the "National Cancer Institute" (JNCI), finally confirmed this is misinformation.

error. This is wrong, according to the scientists. The amount of milk is less depends on the breast, a small breast can have a large breast, which is also the same, so how much milk and breast size has no relationship.

small breasts produce less milk

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