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". The mortality rate of breast cancer was in direct proportion to the annual fat intake. Research shows that Fried Eggs, meat, butter and cheese, dessert, animal fat can increase the risk of breast cancer, and green vegetables, fruits, fish, low-fat dairy products can reduce the risk of.

2, willing to treat

5, good attitude. A good mood, avoid mood swings, help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Shengqi Qin said the doctor, surgical resection is the main treatment for breast cancer, plus radiotherapy and chemotherapy, TCM therapy, endocrine therapy and molecular targeted treatment for the comprehensive, long-term survival rate is high, so even if breast cancer doesn’t need to worry too much, early diagnosis and early the treatment is the key to improve the cure rate of breast cancer.

4, adhere to exercise. Such as brisk walking, cycling, swimming and aerobics, etc., can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

6, harmonious sexual life. Can maintain the physiological regulation of breast tissue and hormone levels in the body.

Wu Jing, Beijing Friendship Hospital, Capital Medical University,

8, active treatment of benign breast disease in non proliferative lesions, does not increase the incidence of breast cancer, the relative risk and hyperplasia of breast cancer increased with lobular or ductal atypical hyperplasia is worse.

1, not too late unmarried unmarried women, marriage and marriage is relatively short duration of women, the incidence of breast cancer is generally higher. Primiparous age more than 30 years, will increase the risk of breast cancer. The number of lactation month, was a protective factor for breast cancer, more than 5 years of lactation can make the risk of breast cancer decreased by 30%.

7, regular physical examination, self examination 90% breast disease is found in self-examination, breast cancer family history should be more careful.

10, avoid unnecessary radiation exposure. The risk of breast cancer is increased in women who have been exposed to excessive radiation from other diseases.

has 900 thousand -120 breast cancer patients worldwide each year, and breast cancer is the first killer of women’s health. Department of general surgery, Beijing Friendship Hospital physician Shengqi Qin introduced ten measures to prevent breast cancer:

9, with hormone. Not long-term use make-up cosmetics containing hormones, but food containing hormones and tonic with hormone drugs.

3, no smoking wine. Women smoking more than 5 cigarettes per day, and the use of drug contraception, the risk of breast disease is at least twice the number of other women. Women with a history of smoking for more than 10 years were more than 3 times as likely to develop breast cancer.

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