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reduces the risk of breast.


The following

C cup without fear. More than 60% of Oriental women are A or B cup. In addition to fitness need to wear sports Bra, usually do not have to worry about sagging breasts.

women need two sizes of bras each month: before and after menstruation. Because of hormonal changes, the size of the organ shrinks in the same month.

: wearing the right bra The update cycle

bra size is a combination of the bust size and code cup, cup code for the bust, such as the difference is about 10cm for the A cup, 12.5cm B 15cm cup, C cup, and so on. If your chest is 83 cm, 74 cm under the chest, so that the correct size for you is 75A.

we need it to be tall and straight on the breast, to plump it, to be sexy, to its beautiful shape…… Only in the time of the occurrence of breast disease, the woman just ask yourself a question, on the breast, we are not too harsh

I know your size:



summer thin clothes so that you have to wear, then the remaining three seasons can make you free breast.

can give breast relaxation of the reason

free breast before bedtime. 8 hours of sweet sleep to the breast for 8 hours the opportunity of blood flow, is bound to the day of the most basic maintenance of the breast.

: the spring and autumn and winter

bra for most women still want to wear, the key is to choose the right size and model.

Choose the right bra The 4 time ?Women who wear bras for more than 8 hours a day are more than twice as likely to develop breast disease, according to the

not wearing a bra.

there is no reason to have more time for a free breast. No Bra bound body will drive the spirit to relax.



experts suggest women every three months to volume, to buy new right bra size changes according to their own. Even the usual care >

clinic. Incomplete statistics from the hospital breast clinic found that one out of every four women aged between 25 and older had a varying degree of breast disease. Very scared of the incidence of breast cancer is rising. Among them, the bra can not shirk responsibility, especially the survey found that 80% of women wearing the right bra without knowing it.


made her the most comfortable. Experts suggest that at least one day a week is good for breast health.

Bra "supply":

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