Ali shares Tencent about Taiwanese chain mall Bainaohui computer

August 19th news, according to Taiwan media reports, the blue sky computer group "long strategy" Lin said, the Alibaba, the Tencent is currently in contact with the group to discuss investment group in the mainland chain stores Buynow computer, future cooperation is also expected to include the integration of online and offline.

public information, blue sky computer group (CLEVO) was founded in 1983, is mainly committed to notebook computers, LCD monitors, desktops and tablet PCs and other related products. read more listed on the first day fell 15% Chinese electricity supplier companies listed in the United

since September last year, the first landing of the U.S. capital market, 23, the first day of investors’ voting with their feet, fell by 15%. Some analysts believe that many large electricity supplier website burn, serious losses. Plus the threshold is relatively increased, overseas financing Chinese Xixi misappropriating company is still cold.

since 2011 since second in the United States IPO Chinese companies,, the first day of listing on the first day of the market was abandoned, the opening price of $6, compared with the issue price of $6.5 fell 7.7% to $23. At the close, shares at $5.5, down by 15.38%. Closing price, the company’s market capitalization of about $268 million. read more

Ma you put the deification of e-commerce

Ma Yun said in twenty-first Century "or electronic commerce or no business can also say" 5-10 you do not do e-commerce you will regret "first listen to give me the feeling is very reasonable, the tide of e-commerce to the enterprise, if not ready to be drowned, but how many people thought what is electronic commerce? E-commerce will change our business model in what form. E-commerce will bring those shocks to our business.

The model and future of


e-commerce is the platform through the Internet media business activities, e-commerce has three main modes: B2B B2C C2C their representatives are: Alibaba, Jingdong, Taobao. We do not know the Electronic Commerce Ma eyes exist in the end what is the mode! But I know on the enterprise e-commerce is the core of things is the network marketing, the Internet is an open platform with tens of thousands of enterprises in the sales promotion of their products on this platform, as a general enterprise how to win in the fierce the competition? Do not rely on price competition, rely on the integrity of the purchase will be? If with the development of electronic commerce, the competition will be more and more enterprises, do you do have price? Do TrustPass members? What competitive enterprises? Some enterprises will say I rely on product competition I have the characteristics of cheap products! The key is to see your potential customers even have no chance. read more

Ali Su Ning hand over the first collaboration transcripts but their suppliers said, looks beautiful

looks like Ali and Suning need to hand over the next "report card" to give their suppliers more confidence.

source: Vision China

After 10 months of marriage

, Ali and Suning decided to work together to show some of the results of cooperation.

June 1st, Ali and Suning held a strategic cooperation conference in Beijing, which is also the second in August last year, after the two companies strategic mutual investment, the first time the specific circumstances of the cooperation of the unified release. read more

2014, the vertical electricity supplier to go

text / Bian Haifeng

2013, the vertical electricity supplier collective silence.

relative to 2012, the vertical electricity supplier in 2013 almost no sound. Even sometimes have a voice, is also mostly negative news, such as "Mcglaughlin will be delisting, where the debt crisis" "red red children don’t like" bad mouthing reports, we must ask what vertical electric


of course, the decline in the media attention of the vertical electricity supplier is also related to the rapid changes in the Internet, after all, the media are chasing hot spots. Not only is the media hot pursuit, capital, talents are the hot pursuit of the "hot spot", some industry startups taking VC money will give you wages doubled, then people also follow to the "hot" industry, this is the so-called herding. This peak Brother feeling deep, because many of the people around the peak of the game is turned from the electricity supplier, and then turned to the mobile Internet, and now they turn to the Internet banking, big data companies. read more

Defects of Taobao evaluation system

Taobao is undoubtedly the boss on the market, but if he does not correct their shortcomings, it is possible to have ah and other competitors to go beyond, think Taobao evaluation system problems.

1, bad experience

when I was in the Taobao to the seller when the evaluation of the Taobao system requires that I must give the reasons for poor evaluation, and give praise is no reason to enter. I don’t think it’s a good experience.

as Franky mentioned in "comments shocked news", commented the person does not have to express their views, most of the time is the expression of an attitude, support or opposition is a kind of evaluation, not to say the specific reason. read more

When the evaluation of the brand encounter how to make the evaluation of the impact of the purchase

in the previous article "e-commerce website product reviews on the impact of the user’s purchase decision," said the e-commerce website evaluation of the product to the user to purchase a positive impact on decision-making. A lot of B2C E-commerce mall also attaches great importance to the evaluation of goods, users are expected to be able to buy in a timely manner after the purchase of goods to comment.

however, consumers are inert, few people will be very active in the purchase of goods for evaluation. Most people will not go to the site until they place an order and receive the goods, until they are on the next purchase or browse for other information. I am a good old customer, but I never go to evaluate the goods I buy, even though I can receive every time I received the email I hope to be able to evaluate. read more

As the 414 part of ecological electricity supplier Festival total sales break 2 billion 320 million

April 15th, LETV announced this year 414 on the whole ecological hardware free report: LETV ecological total sales exceeded 2 billion 360 million yuan, of which the total membership sales exceeded 2 billion 20 million yuan (film and television music as a super dimension member member sales exceeded 1 billion 690 million yuan / LETV super sports membership sales exceeded 330 million yuan), super TV total sales of over 549 thousand units, super mobile phone the total sales of over 582 thousand units, intelligent hardware and derivatives of total sales of over 85 million yuan, depending on the game center TV version 1 million 90 thousand yuan / day recharge mobile phone version of daily recharge 10 million 730 thousand yuan, the car is easy to total sales of over 54 million yuan, the net total wine sales of over 45 million yuan, air conditioning sales partner ecological beauty of nearly 1 million yuan, Mengniu hi MILK the sales volume of 700 thousand yuan. read more

Tmall men’s fourth stores JEANJACK violation was sealed

April 13th, billion state power network that JEANJACK days before the men’s Amoy brand Taobao was closed shop. According to Taobao punishment notice, close JEANJACK flagship store because of its violation of the rules of the Taobao unfair profit terms. In addition, the brand management of Hangzhou animal husbandry neve clothing Limited company’s market C shop Wu Enze shoe king, Tmall 591mmm and mornifur flagship store flagship store was closed.

, according to informed sources, JEANJACK flagship store owner Wu Enze has been in the last year, 4 times successively, in collusion with Taobao stakeholders inside and outside the Taobao store, the second data acquisition staff mail and other information. In September 2011, Wu Enze is still the Taobao abetting people, bribery related to the second category, send greeting cards and moon cake. read more

Amazon $20 million investment delicious fresh electricity supplier 77

May 16th morning news, Amazon announced today in Shanghai shares of fresh raw electricity supplier platform delicious 77, the investment amounted to $twenty million. The investment aims to enrich the Amazon category, as well as to help develop the national market 77 delicious.

ten years ago, Amazon acquired excellence, began operating in china. This year is the ten anniversary of the Amazon into China, Amazon said that the investment reflects its long-term commitment to the Chinese market.

vice president of Amazon Versace (Steve Frazier), said the future of delicious 77 will remain independent operations, expand business expansion outside the region of Shanghai. Investment delicious 77 is to steadily expand the scale of business, rich Amazon’s selection. read more

Alipay double 12 Carnival aunt baby still needs the effort yet to conquer

Sina Technology Mu Yuanyuan

"double eleven" craze has just disappeared, "double 12" hastily struck, seemingly overnight, Alipay will fall under the line of stores, online shopping fans in the revolution, the world-renowned "royalists" — China aunt.

"a group of fifty years old uncle aunt, but the great charm of the square dance, everybody has a smart mobile phone in the supermarket, anxiously waiting for the final" sweep "."

December 12th, Alipay joint approximately 2 10000 stores jointly launched Alipay wallet payment that enjoy half off preferential activities, covering food, desserts, bakeries, supermarkets, convenience stores and many other places of daily consumption. read more

On the use of Chinese domain names

      in 2007, the growth rate of the amount of registered domain name Chinese remain stable, especially Microsoft released IE7.0 fully supports the Chinese domain name, domain name registration Chinese has raised the upsurge, many enterprises and individuals for brand protection and other reasons, have registered your domain name Chinese. But many readers may use some way to Chinese domain does not understand, here we will talk about how to use the domain name to Chinese point to their own WEB server in Windows2003, and users in the browser to access the domain name of the site Chinese. read more

Ma Yun said at the APEC summit that small businesses are the engine of national innovation

news August 13th, Alibaba Group founder, chairman and chief executive officer Ma held today in Peru’s "Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) said the 2010 SME summit, small enterprise is the engine of innovation, the Internet will become a key enterprise and the national development and prosperity.

Ma Yun said that in the next ten years, small businesses, developing countries will have great room for development and development opportunities. The Internet will be the key to enterprise and national development and prosperity. He also pointed out that in 2009, Peru and China signed a free trade agreement entered into force in March 2010, Peru small enterprises should take full advantage of this advantage to develop exports. read more

My opinion on the development focus of industry website

is currently the industry Web site, industry segments and some belong to the innumerable, some belong to the local industry, started early capital strength, numerous portals. The development of the industry Web site is nothing more than a professional market, creating a community business circle. Multi display member information, multi angle joint promotion, the site in the search engine more exposure, so that members of the information will be more exposure. As much as possible to enable members of enterprises to obtain high efficiency. read more

The core competitiveness of B2C enterprises must Lianhaoneigong money scene

key B2C success in? Some enterprises with abundant capital, a galaxy of talents, B2C platform construction has not been setbacks; some enterprises only two professionals to pull a team has achieved great success? Why are some traditional enterprises in the channel resources, supply full advantage, is still pure electronic business enterprise the beyond? Why do some e-commerce businesses in venture capital, there is no improvement in the final regret quit? About B2C, like a roaring waves arena, many businesses, how much investment, rush, rush to do something never achieve success and win recognition is one of the few. read more

Mission Network founder Tang Chi can e-commerce low-key and adhere to make money


he is a university student, but often access to various entrepreneurs exchange party. He loves the Internet, but not as other students addicted to online games. He put the Internet technology to realize their entrepreneurial dreams as weapons, but has been able to make a little older alone in the Internet arena. He is to catch the mission network ( founder Chi Chi students. A Groupon Buy mode sought after, a highly concerned by the Nanfang Daily reporter grassroots Internet entrepreneurs. read more

Ali ambitious US technology companies into the future Chinese

according to the "connection" magazine, although today’s Alibaba in the scale has become a huge monster, but on its ambition, the former is obviously greater than the.

digital entertainment business Alibaba official said Liu Chunning before the Group intends in the next two months to launch online video streaming service, TBO (Tmall Box Office, Tmall office). The move aims to emulate the United States HBO and Netflix, to build China’s largest Internet video entertainment platform. read more

Electricity business awards ceremony

high-profile "micro-blog 2016 night" on the evening of January 16th ended at the National Convention Center, Fan Bingbing, TFBOYS, Huang Zitao, Wang Kai, Liu Ye, nearly 100 line star award, Fan Bingbing won the final TFBOYS and micro-blog King& Queen.

of course, 2016 as a mobile broadcast the first year, is added to the annual awards, the annual anchor God Chen Shuyang, king of song, the annual annual rain goddess sunny. The three super high popularity of the year’s big anchor for the party also conducted a live broadcast, and the enthusiasm of the fans is the number of online viewing will lead to a new climax. read more

B2C website prepares for phoenix nest action

"is your website K today?". Since Baidu phoenix nest start, the transition adjustment behavior the system has a great impact on various websites, people always on tenterhooks, only hoping that this wave can quickly in the past, each site is to analyze their own website, calm response, avoid may cause the site was K factor.

Baidu phoenix nest system formally launched, and this event, you can certainly be related to the new system on the line, the accident in the upgrade, or in order to promote the enterprise to clear the way. These two days, Baidu K dropped a large number of sites. According to the observation, mainly personal information station based, large sites have not been K. So we can do is just passive prevention. Large web site, you can only operate a regular station. Because the regular company will increase the construction of the original content, the problem can also be negotiated. But a website reproduced by no negotiating capital. Only Baidu wins for life. read more

Entrepreneurship is the key to open shop

online business has become a trend to make money, with the network is equivalent to possession of wealth, now a popular word in twenty-first Century, open an online shop will be able to make money. But for a novice, open shop is so simple, there is no way to make the novice quick start


we first need to understand the open shop in Taobao’s difficulty lies, the source and credibility first, secondly, the shortage of funds, warehouse, logistics and so on are all new shop tired of annoying problems. For a beginner, these are their inevitable disadvantages. So novices need to find a breakthrough in these areas, as far as possible to avoid their weaknesses to the shortest. In this regard, the choice of virtual products is a good way to do. Here we talk about the advantages of virtual goods with physical goods, read more