HTC U11 Plus flagship leaked to have 189 borderless screen

first_imgThe change to shiny glass back in the HTC U Ultra was pretty much just a cosmetic change. The squeezable Edge Sense on the HTC U11 pictured above, while definitely new, still feels more like a gimmick (that is, until Google adds it to the Pixel 2). So far, HTC has remained on the safe side of things but that might change with the U11 Plus.According to the leak, the HTC U11 Plus will be the company’s jump into the bezel-less smartphone race. It will supposedly make use of Japan Display Inc’s (JDI) 5.99-inch 2880×1440 “edge to edge” LCD screen. That gives it the same 18:9 aspect ratio as the LG G6 and LG V30.The U11 Plus is also daring because it won’t be changing anything else other than that screen, and the design. Inside, it will be practically identical to the current HTC U11. That means a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (no 836 here), 4 or 6 GB of RAM, 64 or 128 GB of storage. It still won’t make a jump to dual cameras, having the same 12 megapixel sensor on the back. The front camera, however, seems to have been downgraded to 8 megapixels only, perhaps because of new space constraints.There is bound to be some confusion and a bit of hurt feelings if the HTC U11 Plus does come out in November. When HTC announced the HTC U Ultra at the start of the year, it seemed like that would be its 2017 flagship, and a disappointing one at that. It later launched the HTC U11 as the nominal champion, but now buyers might be left wishing they had waited for the U11 Plus instead.VIA: Frandroid HTC phones aren’t dead yet. At least for now. Even after its smartphone workforce has been almost cut in half by the Google “agreement”, HTC assures its loyal followers and investors that it will still be making smartphones. And as if on cue, details of a certain HTC U11 Plus have surfaced, claiming to be the company’s late 2017 flagship. And, almost ironically, it might be its most daring smartphone yet. Story TimelineHTC U11 Review: You won’t buy this, but you shouldGoogle buys part of HTC’s smartphone operations for $1.1bGoogle’s $1.1bn HTC deal: 5 things to knowTake it from an HTC fan: this Google deal won’t helplast_img read more

LG V30 to also get Second Year Promise warranty

first_imgDespite OEMs and users getting used to two-year software updates, manufacturers, carriers, and retailers really only offer a one-year limited warranty for the hardware. Trying to buck that trend, LG announced its Second Year Promise last June to give the G6 an effective two-year limited warranty. And it seems that LG will be making the same offer for the V30 as well.That clue came from a reputable source, which in this case is AT&T itself. It published what should have been a promotional video about the V30’s features. However, it may have accidentally included a small peek at the said Second Year Promise. AT&T already took down the video, but not before the Internet already saved it for posterity.There are no details about the V30’s two-year warranty but it should be the same as the G6’s. That is, it would add another 12 months on top of the first 12 for absolutely free. The only requirement is to register within 90 days of purchase. However, buyers should also note that it only covers manufacturer defects and not accidental damages, including water ones.US availability details are still unknown at this point, but now we do know that it will at least be available from AT&T. The LG V30 just launched in Korea last week, which starts off the global launch. We could be looking at an early October launch for the US, with a price that LG hints will definitely be lower than that of Korea’s.VIA: phoneArena The LG V30 hasn’t yet actually landed in US shores but it is already sweetening the pot, so to speak. In addition to possibly having one of the most accessible prices among this year’s top of the line smartphone, AT&T may have accidentally leaked another offer that could make LG’s 2017 champ even more desirable. Like the LG G6 before it, LG might offer the V30 with a two-year warranty instead of just one under its “Second Year Promise” program.last_img read more

DirecTV NOW Roku Stick promo offers free device even on the cheapest

first_imgFree devices have proven a popular way for OTT services to lure in new customers, and so it’s no surprise that DirecTV would roll out another promotion offering a device. The deal is only available for new customers, and it requires them to pay for the first two months of service up front. Users have the choice to subscribe to any of the plans.DirecTV NOW offers four different plans that offer progressively greater channel packages. The entry-level tier, “Live a Little,” costs $35/month and offers 60 live channels. The next tier up, “Just Right,” is priced at $50/month and offers 80 channels. The third tier is “Go Big” at $60/month with 100 channels. And finally there’s “Gotta Have It,” a $70/month plan that offers more than 120 channels.Though the DirecTV promotion page doesn’t say which version of the Roku Streaming Stick it is offering, the image on the page shows the most recent version of the device; you can get all of the details on it here. You can redeem the promotion here, but you’ll need to create a DirecTV NOW account to get started. DirecTV has another free-device promotion for its over-the-Internet TV service DirecTV NOW, and it covers all four tiers of service, including the cheapest plan. Unlike the Apple TV promotion that was offered back in August, this latest one targets holiday shoppers and offers a Roku Streaming Stick for free. The catch? You’ve got to prepay two months of service upfront.last_img read more

Windows 10 April 2018 Update Heres whats new

first_imgStory TimelineWindows 10 on ARM 64-bit apps will finally be coming soonWindows 10 Spring Creators Update web search controls are brokenWindows 10 Lean is yet another Windows 10 version to remember Timeline goes back a total of 30 days, and it incorporates a number of Windows 10 apps. It’s also cross-platform, so as long as you’re signed into your Microsoft account while you’re using Edge or Office 365 on a mobile device, you can recall those webpages or documents later on your PC. Timeline is something that’s been available in preview builds for quite some time now, so Microsoft has had a lot of time to fine tune it for its official debut. The next update for Windows 10 is nearly here. Once known as the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, Microsoft has now decided to call this the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. After being delayed beyond its originally intended release date, Microsoft will soon be ready to make it available to the masses, and that’s good news for anyone who might be in need of a productivity boost. Though Timeline might be the star of the show, the other new features are worth checking out. One of those features is called Focus Assist, which allows you to mute non-essential notifications for a set period of time and focus on work you need to get done. You’ll still be able to let certain important notifications through, so you won’t have to close yourself off from the outside world entirely. Once your Focus Assist session ends, Windows will let you know about all of the notifications you missed, letting you get all caught up.AdChoices广告The April 2018 update will also make some improvements to Windows 10’s dictation feature. With your cursor active in any text field – whether that’s within Word or another app – simply hit Win+H to begin dictating the information you’d like to write down. Finally, Microsoft Edge is getting a handful of new features, with a new tab mute function being the most exciting of the bunch. You’ll also be able to save your address and payment information to Edge and use it to autofill forms, so here we see Edge playing a bit of catch up with its competitors.So, while the April 2018 update may not be bursting at the seams with new content, the new features that are there are definitely worth paying attention to. The Windows 10 April 2018 Update will be available to download beginning on Monday, April 30, with Microsoft planning to begin pushing it to Windows 10 devices on Monday, May 8. The April 2018 update for Windows 10 is a little on the slim side, at least compared to previous updates, but the few features it adds are big. Unquestionably, the main draw of this update will be Windows 10’s new Timeline feature. We’ve heard about Timeline before, and in short, it’s a new tool you can use to quickly recall recent files you may have viewed or worked on.last_img read more

Google Pixel 2018 confirmed in code

first_imgEach previous Google Pixel device was given a fish or fish-related code-name as it entered into the public consciousness via AOSP commits in Google’s Gerrit. AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project, and it contains all workings on the most base version of Android released to the world, for free, to all people. In postings by Google developers, tests are run and recorded, and it’s in these tests we first see each new generation of Google’s own Pixel or Nexus phones.Before Pixel, there was Nexus. Nexus smartphones were made by Google to provide a baseline for the future of Android hardware. Google effectively replaced the Nexus smartphone line with Pixel devices. The Pixel brand serves a slightly different purpose and angle – far more in the direction of consumer device friendliness.“Also, ensure the concurrency tests run only on Pixel 2018 & above devices (use the existing dbs models supported config param).” – R.P. for Google, in AOSP Gerrit platform/tools/test/connectivity on May 10th, 2018.SEE TOO: Pixel 3 details leak: Let’s beginAdChoices广告Take that as you will. One way or the other, it’s the first confirmation in code by Google that there will indeed be another set of Google Pixel devices here in the year 2018. If I were a betting man, I’d put ducats to donuts there’ll be a Pixel 3 and a Pixel 3 XL.Word on the digital highway is that there’ll also be a set of smartwatches in the Pixel brand this year. It’s been tipped that at least one Pixel Watch will be revealed – and that a possible 3 devices will soon be in testing. Have a peek at our Pixel Watch report posted earlier this week to learn more. Cross your fingers for star-shaped screens! This morning we’ve discovered the existence of Google’s 2018 edition(s) of the Google Pixel smartphone. Wording in an official AOSP code commit suggests that more than one Pixel device will be revealed in 2018, but that Google’s not quite gotten to AOSP testing just yet. Once Google developers begin testing AOSP builds on their 2018 Pixel devices, we’ll see their code-names (fishy, fishy code-names) for the first time. Story TimelinePixel mid-range model tipped for summer releaseVerizon Pixel 2 XL just got a huge discount at Best BuyPixel XL charging bug: It’s real, you’re not crazylast_img read more

New York awards first Virtual Currency License to Bitcoin ATM operator

In 2015, the New York Department of Financial Services established regulations that require companies to apply for a license to engage in virtual currency transactions. This application process is said to be very difficult to satisfy, the end result being only 12 companies — including Coinsource — earning a license in the past three years.During this three year period, Coinsource says it expanded to have more than 200 ATMs and more than 20 employees. The company’s machines work with a proprietary system created by Coinsource that conducts “know your customer” checks, the company explains. This involves a selfie, phone number, and driver’s license.A Coinsource machine can only deal with Bitcoin at this time, but the company plans to eventually offer other money transactions. This could include the ability to deposit cash at one of the ATMs and have it transferred as Bitcoin into a wallet registered to the customer.Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies remain controversial and a new study recently called into question the environmental harm resulting from virtual money. The energy demands for systems that support Bitcoin are massive and have resulted in large quantities of pollution entering the environment. SOURCE: Coinsource The New York Department of Financial Services has approved Coinsource’s application to install Bitcoin ATMs. The application process took three years, including review and approval, according to Coinsource, which is now one of a dozen companies to get a Virtual Currency License. Coinsource is unique as the only Bitcoin ATM operator to get the approval. Story TimelineNVIDIA earnings sign death knell for Bitcoin farmingHTC Exodus 1 will cost you Bitcoin or EthereumBitcoin may rapidly push Earth past global warming tipping point read more

2017 McLaren 570GT Review Because practical neednt be dull

first_img On the road in the 2017 McLaren GT You can transport them at high-speed, too. The 570GT shares the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 and seven-speed dual-clutch Seamless Shift Gearbox (SSG) of its S-sibling, together good for 562 HP and 443 lb-ft. of torque. A 204 mph top speed is undeniably impressive, but it’s the McLaren’s enthusiasm at speeds that don’t demand track access that really wows.When the roads got twisty, less than thirty seconds behind the wheel and I was reminded of what I love about the 570S. There’s an eager compliance that McLaren simply nails each time: the 570GT dances gleefully through the turns, pivoting and darting, and coaxing you to push a little harder, to play a little more. Unlike many powerful cars, the Brit doesn’t seem designed to cow you into awed silence. “Sure we could drive home,” it whispers, conspiratorially, into your ear, “but how much more fun would it be to take the long route instead?”AdChoices广告Press the “Active” button and you can start tinkering with the dynamics systems. McLaren offers individual control over the powertrain and the handling, with each having “Normal”, “Sport”, and “Track” settings. In “Active” mode you can lock the transmission into manual, too, as well as turn off all the ESC nannying if you feel so bold (or reckless). There are some foibles, of course. This is not my first time in a McLaren, but navigating the all-digital driver instrumentation can still be headache-inducing. The portrait-aspect 7-inch touchscreen in the center stack, running the automaker’s own Android-based IRIS infotainment platform, can be convoluted to navigate (particularly – ironically – when you’re trying to switch through the navigation system itself), while the display itself gets frustratingly dark when you’re wearing polarized sunglasses. The row of physical shortcut keys underneath it is welcome, but there’s no media shortcut and no buttons on the steering wheel either; skipping tracks becomes a multi-tap process. Maybe that’s by design. Sure, the optional Bowers & Wilkins audio system sounds incredible – and looks the part, too, particularly the “space tadpole” tweeter right atop the dash – but the engine sounds even better. The twin-turbos spool up rapidly, like the monstrous drills of some demented British dentist, only far more welcome. Right now, all eyes are on McLaren’s 720S supercar, and by all rights that’s with good reason. It’s blisteringly fast, looks striking, and promises the sort of rarity that has Lamborghini drivers feeling like Prius owners in an Uber line. Yet I’m tempted to think that the real magic is actually happening lower down in the range, in the so-called Sport Series where the automaker must carefully balance price with performance.At a hair’s breadth under $200k, the 2017 570GT clearly isn’t inexpensive. Its combination of exclusivity, relative practicality, and – tamed driving dynamics be damned – agility make it feel just that little bit more special than Audi’s R8 or Mercedes-AMG’s GT R. It’s about as “practical” as a car with the McLaren badge on the hood gets, anyway. The British automaker is the epitome of niche, currently nudging up against its max production capacity with a small portfolio of coupes and convertibles. Even if it wanted to follow the rest of the performance segment and make a four-door like Porsche’s Panamera, or an SUV like Bentley’s Bentayga – and, McLaren people tell me, they really don’t – right now they haven’t the scale for it. So, no four seat option, but there’s a surprising amount of space for what you and a passenger bring along. Like the McLaren 570S there’s an impressively deep front trunk that eats up a checked-luggage bag. It even has a little light in there. Exclusive to the 570GT, though, is the hinged rear glass, which lifts to reveal a split-level cargo deck above the mid-mounted engine. No, you’re not going to fit the spoils of a Costco raid inside, but a couple of soft bags will easily fit. Straight line speed loses out 0.2 seconds over the 570S in the 0-60 run, taking 3.4 seconds in all. You shouldn’t care unless you’re playing spec-sheet bingo. At the other end of the equation, shedding speed comes courtesy of standard steel brakes with composite discs, unlike the carbon-ceramics of the 570S. You can upgrade if you really want to, but I never felt cause to doubt their grip.Yet the 570GT isn’t so single-minded as to be impossible to use day to day. Indeed, while the 570S proved surprisingly easy to live with, the tweaks McLaren made to its GT sibling only improve on that. None of it, individually, signifies a huge difference: the front and rear suspension is softened 15- and 10-percent, respectively, while the algorithms for the adaptive damping have been tamed a little. The steering ratio is slightly reduced, and the exhaust system has become a tad more muted. Altogether, though, that relentless aggression that makes the 570S such a racer’s dream but can leave it harsh on public roads has been finessed away. Certainly, the 570GT can still be unsettled by ill-kempt asphalt, and even in “Normal” mode the ride is on the firm side, but that little twist of greater compliance makes for a far more usable everyday car. Only a little jerk from the transmission in low-speed stop/go traffic reminds you of the untapped potency as you dawdle along.You can almost feel the range gage’s frustration as you switch things up. If the 570GT had an AI personality, it would be a put-upon British man: “Well, you have 300 miles of range… no, wait one moment, no you have 95 miles of range… oh, no, please excuse me, that’s 195 miles of range.” Plant your right foot, hear those twin turbos spool up, and suddenly there’s no confusion as to why you’re paying the gas-guzzler fee along with registration and destination fees. I’m not sure anybody who can afford a McLaren really cares about fuel economy, though. They’re probably too busy marveling at the bespoke cabin, which – unlike what you’ll find in even the most expensive R8, 911, or NSX – doesn’t have mainstream dashboards to share switchgear with. Instead, there are beautifully machined knobs and dials, along with swathes of leather that arc and flow through the sweeping curves. In the fast, exclusive, and expensive world of supercars, “practical” is a dirty word. Cachet for such cars, after all, comes from their speed, or their rarity, or how efficiently their jaw-dropping design endears you to those of your gender of preference. Yet the 2017 McLaren 570GT carries its convenience like a mark of honor, and it turns out with good reason. last_img read more

2018 Porsche 911 Carrera T is for Touring

first_imgPorsche has unveiled a new flavor of the venerable 911 sports car. This is the 2018 911 Carrera T with the “T” standing for touring. This car is a modern version of the 1968 911 T. Porsche says that the new car has less weight, a manual transmission, shorter constant transaxle ratio, and standard mechanical rear differential lock. SOURCE: Porsche The car comes standard with PASM Sport Suspension boasting a 0.39″ lower ride height. Shortened gear lever, seat centers made of Sport-Tec material. Buyers can also get optional rear-axle steering on the car. The car is based on the 370 hp 911 Carrera Coupe.Other features include the rear windshield and rear side windows made of lightweight glass. The doors have opener loops rather than conventional door openers. Sound insulation is removed in an effort to bring the car down to 3,142 pounds making it the lightest model in the 911 Carrera range.The car has aero tidbits with a front spoiler. The SportDesign mirrors are painted Agate Grey and the car has 20-inch Carrera S wheels in Titanium grey. The Sport Exhaust System is standard and has black exhaust tips. Buyers can get the car in lava orange, guards red, racing yellow, white, and Miami blue. Metallic options include white, jet black, and GT silver. The interior can be ha with contrasting colors in racing yellow, guards red, or GT silver. The engine in the car makes 370 hp and 339 lb-ft of torque. It will start at $102,100 plus $1,050 for delivery and will reach dealers in March 2018.last_img read more

Windows 10 drops password expiration policy because theyre pointless

first_imgHumans are terrible at passwords. You might think they’re rare but recent surveys show that many passwords are just as useful as having no password at all. Some systems, in an effort to increase security, force users to change their passwords every 30 or 60 days. Microsoft, however, is dropping that policy in the next major Windows 10 update because studies now show that password expiration policies do nothing to enhance security after all. Microsoft pretty much says it all why such a policy is really useless. If you force users to create a strong and long password, they’re likely to write it down somewhere. If you force them to change that password at regular intervals, they’re likely to just make a small and predictable change. Most often, they’ll even forget what they changed.Password expiration policies were implemented to address situations when a password may have been stolen by a hacker. But if that were the case, why would you wait for the password to expire before changing it? And if it hasn’t been compromised, why change it unnecessarily and ironically make it even more liable to be hacked?Given those factors, Microsoft has decided to drop the obsolete and ineffective policy that offers little value in improving security. This change will go into effect in Windows 10 and Windows Server version 1903.To be clear, Microsoft isn’t throwing out its other password policies, just this old one. It will continue to require passwords to have a minimum length and have a certain complexity, usually a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.last_img read more

Your next 3 iPhones

first_imgStory TimelineThese iPhone 11 pictures just changed my mind on absurd designChrome OS USB iPhone tethering is in the pipelineYour iPhone has been compromised, (and how it really hasn’t) This week a pair of leaks and/or insider analysis reveals essentially made the case for Apple’s next several major iPhone releases. What’s different about these bits of information from the normal day-to-day leak is their relative un-interesting nature. The tipped iPhone changes don’t seem very far-fetched, and not particularly world-shaking in the grand scheme of things – which makes them all the more likely to come to pass. Over the next several years, here’s how Apple’s next few iPhone lineups will likely look. Some of the information included in today’s set of leaks and tips comes from MyDrivers and a note from Ming-Chi Kuo. That’s notoriously accurate mostly-Apple-based analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, take note. Additional information was provided by China Times and a Credit Suisse Securities Technology Industry Analyst by the name of Su Houhe. The year 2019In the year 2019 we’ll likely see another LCD model and at least two AMOLED displays with notches and bezels that are largely the same as previous models, with new technology mainly on the backsides – in the camera arrays. Standard Face ID will still be in play.More of what you see above – in images and in detail – can be found in our recent article These iPhone 11 pictures just changed my mind on absurd design. Look at all the color!In 2020…In the year 2020, we’ll likely see a change in Apple’s several-seasons-long central design feature: the notch! There’ll still be iPhones with the notch, but the most expensive model will feature an under-display frontside camera and the ability to use Touch-ID (fingerprint scanning) through the display, much like what’s out on the current OnePlus 7 Pro now.**UPDATE: It would seem that there’s also a possibility that the 2020 iPhone (the most expensive of the three) will have a full-screen fingerprint scanning solution, like in 2021. Touch anywhere and enter.Two new iPhones will come with more slight bezels and smaller notches, while the third will have a notch-less display. It is unclear whether this device will have any front-facing camera at all – or if it’ll consist of an under-display unit. Fast-forward to 2021In the year 2021, it’s been suggested that three new notch-less iPhones will be released (again with no word on their frontside cameras). These devices will almost certainly all be using “full-screen fingerprint authentication.” This will be a strange move for Apple, going back to Touch ID when they seem to have switched to Face ID with higher-end model iPhone units – but stranger things have happened! Have a peek at the timeline below, and see if you can predict what Apple will bring to market in the next five years. Can you predict what they’ll have in a decade? Will the age of screens be over by then? Will Apple be making steam-powered cities?last_img read more

New Wave Of Patients Boosting Hospital Earnings

first_img This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. New Wave Of Patients Boosting Hospital Earnings Earnings reports offered last week by two hospital operators offer evidence that the health law’s coverage expansion is leading more patients to seek treatment. The Wall Street Journal: Health-Law Patients Boost Hospital ProfitsA wave of newly insured patients helped boost hospitals’ earnings in recent months, two hospital operators said Friday, a sign the law’s coverage expansion is leading more patients to seek treatment. Universal Health Services Inc. UHS ‘s revenue rose 10% for the second quarter compared with a year earlier. LifePoint Hospitals Inc.’s profit rose to $39.1 million for the quarter, a 44% increase compared with last year’s quarter. Those results arrive on the heels of HCA Holdings Inc. HCA’s announcement of strong earnings last week ahead of its July 29 earnings call (Weaver,7/25).The Wall Street Journal: Universal Health Services Profit Down On Higher Operating Charges”The reduction in uncompensated care at our acute care hospitals resulting both from healthcare reform and improvements in the underlying economy partially reverses a trend that had been hindering our results for an extended period of time,” said Alan B. Miller, the company’s chief executive (Armental, 7/24).last_img read more

More People Face Risk Of Crippling Medical Bills Under HighDeductible Plans

first_imgMore People Face Risk Of Crippling Medical Bills Under High-Deductible Plans The Charlotte Observer spotlights the growing shift by employers of costs to workers, which can result in devastating bills for a person who experiences a medical crisis. Meanwhile, the high prices of some new drugs are being scrutinized. The Sacramento Bee: High Price Of Specialty Drugs Prompts Backlash In other news, patient advocacy is a growing industry to help consumers handle the challenges of the medical system. And Alabama is creating a task force to improve health care in the state – The 30,000-plus people who work for Carolinas HealthCare System will have only one option for insurance next year, and it requires them to pay up to $5,600 a year out of pocket. For family coverage that risk rises to $11,200. The move by the Charlotte area’s largest employer spotlights a trend that’s sweeping the country: As more people get health insurance, more people with insurance face potentially devastating medical bills. (Helms, 4/4) For hepatitis C patients, new drugs introduced in the past two years offer a cure that’s miraculous when compared with former treatments for the potentially fatal virus. Instead of taking a long course of drugs with miserable side effects, patients can be cured in a matter of weeks. The drugs could change the lives of millions of people – at a price. (Sangree, 4/4) The Charlotte Observer: A Growing Risk: High-Deductible Health Plans Can Ruin Finances Navigating the murky waters of hospital bills, insurance statements and medical claims can be jarring. When Thomas Fefer’s wife of 22 years was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last summer and died just 66 days later, the onslaught of bills and bureaucratic hurdles was overwhelming for him. … He needed help. An online search led him to a little-known industry of patient advocates and billing specialists that provide guidance on dealing with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies. They handle negotiations and work to find satisfactory billing agreements. Often a fee is involved, but many employers will cover the cost. (Zamosky, 4/5) Springfield resident Renee Cook’s son Devon … was in and out of a hospital for most of his life. He couldn’t walk, talk or stand up, and accumulated medical bills to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, most of it covered by Medicaid. He died in December 2006. Years later, Renee Cook received an unwanted reminder of her son’s short life. Springfield-based CoxHealth said she still owed money in connection with his care. … On Aug. 30, 2011, CoxHealth sued her. … CoxHealth and Mercy, part of Chesterfield-based Mercy Health, are the two health systems that dominate the city of Springfield. … Both are nonprofit institutions, similar in size of local operations. But when it comes to medical debt incurred by their patients, the two systems take very different approaches. (Gounley, 4/5) center_img This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription. The Associated Press: Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley To Create Health Care Task Force Los Angeles Times: Patient Advocates Help People Deal With Doctors, Hospitals, Insurers Springfield News-Leader/USA Today: From Patient To Defendant: One Of Springfield’s Two Health Systems Sues Far More Over Debt Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley will sign an executive order creating a group focused on improving health care in the state. Bentley will sign an order Monday creating the Alabama Health Care Improvement Task Force, which will work on finding ways to make Alabama health care more accessible and affordable. (4/3) The Springfield News-Leader investigated lawsuits related to medical debt in Greene County, Mo., and found large variations in how two hospitals handle the issue –last_img read more

Moodys downgrades Ontarios credit rating citing deficit revenue cuts under Doug Ford

first_imgMoody’s downgrades Ontario’s credit rating, citing deficit, revenue cuts under Doug Ford Debt burden to grow faster than expected, rating agency warns 0 Comments Share this storyMoody’s downgrades Ontario’s credit rating, citing deficit, revenue cuts under Doug Ford Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn TORONTO — Bond rating agency Moody’s has downgraded the province of Ontario’s credit rating.The agency announced the downgrade from Aa3 to Aa2 on Thursday, citing the province’s $14.5-billion deficit in 2018-2019 and projections that it will continue to post deficits in the coming years.Moody’s said the combination of increased debt and slow revenue growth will result in a faster than previously anticipated increase of the province’s debt burden.The agency said the province will be subject to greater impact of interest rates increases, which it projects to jump over the next three to five years.Finance Minister Vic Fedeli blamed the previous Liberal government for creating the circumstances that have led to the credit downgrade.But Moody’s also said that actions taken by the current government to reduce revenue levels will add to the budgetary pressures facing the province.The Opposition NDP accused the Progressive Conservative government of “meddling” in the provincial economy, leading to the downgrade.‘We have a red-tape reduction plan’: Finance Minister Vic Fedeli on how Ontario is boosting businessBank of Canada’s break from rate hikes may last longer than thoughtThe Liberals are crowing about job creation, but beware the devil in the data“(Premier Doug) Ford is giving tax breaks to the richest corporations and cash handouts to polluters — and the rest of us will pay for it,” NDP finance critic Sandy Shaw said in a statement.“A downgraded rating means investors have no confidence in Doug Ford and more public money will be spent servicing debt rather than on the services families depend on.” Comment Featured Stories Moody’s says actions taken by Doug Ford’s government to reduce revenue levels will add to the budgetary pressures facing Ontario.Canadian Press/Ryan Remiorz Recommended For You’We were experiencing headwinds’ — Canopy Growth stock heads south on poor sales ramp-upShaw Communications is selling its stake in Corus Entertainment for $548 millionB.C. vows to appeal after top court says province can’t restrict oil shipments across its bordersProtests, legal challenges planned to block Trans Mountain expansionFINCAD Now Accepting Applications for its 2019 Women in Finance Scholarship Email December 14, 20187:19 AM EST Filed under News Economy The Canadian Press center_img Reddit Sponsored By: ← Previous Next → More Join the conversation → Twitter Facebook What you need to know about passing the family cottage to the next generation advertisementlast_img read more

Macquarie is exiting equity research sales in Canada report

first_imgFeatured Stories Australian investment bank Macquarie Group Ltd. is pulling its equities research, sales and syndication business out of Canada, Bloomberg reports.Macquarie’s operations in Canada mainly focus on investment banking with a emphasis on oil and gas, resources and infrastructure. The move mainly affects positions in Calgary and Toronto and the firm will continue to provide domestic cash equities trading to clients. HSBC defends itself after months of jabs from Jason Kenney over its oilsands lending policy RBC set for first cannabis equity financing with CannTrust share sale Investors abroad tell RBC’s CEO that Canada’s position in the world is falling “Macquarie remains committed to Canada, with more than 100 staff working across commodities trading and hedging, corporate finance and advisory, cash equities execution, futures, asset management and equipment leasing in a range of sectors that include energy, mining, diversified industrials and infrastructure,” spokesman Stephen Yan said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg.Macquarie is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and has more than 15,000 employees in 27 countries. Share this storyMacquarie is exiting equity research, sales in Canada: report Tumblr Pinterest Google+ LinkedIn More ← Previous Next → Twitter Reddit Macquarie Bank headquarters in Sydney, AustraliaJack Atley/Bloomberg advertisement Financial Post Staff Macquarie is exiting equity research, sales in Canada: report The move mainly affects positions in Calgary and Toronto center_img Sponsored By: Facebook 1 Comments Join the conversation → Recommended For YouEncouraging Chinese data pulls Asian shares higherChina’s first-half pork output falls amid disease outbreakIndia says Deloitte misreading law in challenging govt’s call for banSlower China GDP growth nudges oil prices lowerHold the beers: Budweiser APAC IPO fail shows valuations face investor push-back April 29, 20191:33 PM EDTLast UpdatedApril 30, 20196:57 AM EDT Filed under News FP Street What you need to know about passing the family cottage to the next generation Email Commentlast_img read more

New 2020 Kia Soul Electric Scores Impressive City Range Rating

first_img11 photos More often than not, daily driving involves a lot of city driving.This is precisely where the new Kia Soul EV shines with a very impressive city range rating. The rather boxy and high profile Kia Soul EV isn’t really a standout in its highway range rating, but in the city its EPA figure is indeed spectacular.All new electric Kias and Hyundais are range champs. That includes the Kia Niro EV and Hyundai Kona Electric, both of which exceed 230 miles in combined range, according to the EPA. The Kona Electric actually goes 258 miles per charge.More Soul EV News New Kia Soul EV Gets Tested By Autocar With Mostly Positive Results 2020 Kia Soul Electric Gets 243-Mile EPA Range Rating Back to the Soul EVOfficially, the new 2020 Soul EV, with its 62-kWh battery pack, gets a combined EPA rating of 243 miles. An impressive figure for sure. But when we dive a bit deeper into the numbers, we see that the Soul EV is especially suited to city driving.According to the EPA’s internal database, the Soul EV gets the following ratings:City Range: 268.9 milesHighway Range: 211.3Combined Range: 243 milesWe should note that the database says the combined range was voluntarily lowered by Kia from 246 miles to 243.Comparatively, the Kia Niro EV, which gets a combined range of 239 miles, has this as a breakdown, according to the EPA:City Range: 259Highway Range: 213.6Combined Range: 239With no voluntary adjustments listed.The Hyundai Kona Electric easily wins in this city range battle at 284.1 miles (226 miles of highway range and 258 miles combined), but if you’re deciding between the Soul EV and Niro EV and basing that decision off of electric range in the city, then the Soul EV has a clear advantage. If only we knew the pricing for the electric Soul. That info should become available soon.Check out the gallery of Soul EV images below.center_img New Kia Soul EV Rendered As Monster 6×6 Off-Roader Source: Electric Vehicle News Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on April 5, 2019Categories Electric Vehicle Newslast_img read more

BYD installing wireless charging in Indianapolis to boost disappointing range of its

first_imgSource: Charge Forward Electric bus maker BYD has to install and pay for a wireless charging infrastructure upgrade in Indianapolis after its buses experienced “lower-than-expected distances on one charge” during testing. more…Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. post BYD installing wireless charging in Indianapolis to boost disappointing range of its electric buses appeared first on Electrek.last_img read more

Tesla YouTuber Bjørn Nyland breaks 24hour electric car distance record — 2781km

first_imgA common refrain about electric cars is that they’re fine for city driving but can’t do road trips.  This has been disproven many times, and Tesla owners in particular have an easy time on road trips due to Tesla’s excellent Supercharger network.But today we’ve seen yet another reason not to worry about the capability to take EVs on long trips, as Bjørn Nyland has managed to drive 2,781km (1,728mi) in 24 hours in a Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD.  Nyland set this record on IONITY quick chargers in Germany because currently, that network is significantly faster than Tesla’s Superchargers.The previous record was 2,644km, set last year in a Model 3 by German Horst Lüning. Lüning previously held the record before that with 2,424km in a Model S. more…Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. post Tesla YouTuber Bjørn Nyland breaks 24-hour electric car distance record — 2,781km appeared first on Electrek. Source: Charge Forwardlast_img read more

International Efforts in Support of the Recovery of Stolen Assets

first_imgProfessor Juliet Sorensen (Northwestern University School of Law) and Northwestern Law students Michelle Kennedy and Cassandra Myers are attending the Sixth Conference of the State Parties (CoSP) to the United Nations Convention against Corruption in St. Petersburg, Russia. For more on the opening of the Conference, see here and here. Over the next few days, FCPA Professor will be publishing various posts regarding the proceedings.  This post is from Michelle Kennedy.*****A central challenge to addressing corruption is the recovery of assets that were stolen through the course of the corrupt activity. This process, which requires complex international cooperation when the assets are secreted overseas, was explored in depth at an all-day special event that joined several important actors.The Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (“StAR”), a partnership between the World Bank Group and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, facilitates the return of stolen assets by setting international standards and enhancing communication among countries. In order to act as an effective intermediary, StAR must receive an official request from the country itself, not from private parties. Surprisingly, the average time that StAR takes to respond to country requests ranges between just twenty-one days and four and a half months. StAR also provides case-based technical training to enable the participating countries to effectively deal with the asset recovery issues themselves. A common critique of the program, however, is that developing countries do not have the necessary resources to retain and maintain the components of an effective domestic asset recovery program, such as investigators and experts. StAR’s response that its purpose is to aid countries in asset recovery, not to do the job for them.A central challenge StAR faces involves countries that have and continue to undergo dramatic changes in governance, which disrupts any programs StAR has helped implement. Similarly, a lack of mobilization and good will from certain countries creates roadblocks for compliant countries to effectively recover stolen assets. Overall though, StAR has successfully returned $28.8 million in stolen assets as well as $58 million worth of physical assets. In two examples discussed today, StAR aided Tunisia in overcoming the influx of corruption after its 2011 revolution by organizing meetings between Tunisian judges and their foreign counterparts to aid them in dealing with corruption cases. It also recently helped Mongolia in equipping its domestic law enforcement organizations with the necessary tools to trace, identify, and recover stolen assets as well as draft a handbook that is to be formally approved within the month.In terms of available resources, the UNODC has created a Digest of Asset Recovery Cases, which highlights notable corruption cases and traces the recovery of the stolen assets involved. Within the next year, the UNODC will release a new resource, entitled the Effective Management and Disposal of Seized/Frozen and Confiscated Assets, to help states strengthen their domestic management of assets that are seized from corrupt networks. Countries who manage asset recovery funds in a transparent manner are more likely to receive support from other countries, which highlights the prominent theme that international cooperation is essential to improving the overall recovery of stolen assets. Another new resource is the “Silver Notice” now issued by Interpol, which aids countries in locating, identifying, monitoring, and seizing or freezing the confiscation of assets. This provides countries the opportunity to alert one another of any movement of illicit assets and thus enhance the speed of international cooperation.To conclude the panel, Switzerland presented its 2014 draft of Proposed Practical Guidelines for Efficient Asset Recovery, which has yet to be officially adopted. The overall message was that the preliminary investigation phase of asset recovery is the most important, given that corrupt individuals are becoming increasingly clever and more aware of when they are suspected of possessing illegal proceeds or fruits of crime. States must therefore carefully identify their targets, create a clear strategy, and exhibit patience to ensure that their investigation of stolen assets and eventual recovery proves successful.last_img read more